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Because you can't have the first industrialized war of any setting in a vacuum. If you are going to go that far and stay true you have to bridge line warfare and trench warfare and give reasons for the change. Rather than LOL we just trench warfare. Then again most people are retards and won't question you when how it got to that point. You are living with retards right?

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My players love drinking in tavern as a past time. What are the best rules for alcohol consumption?

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Pic related mother fuckers.

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>Fear not young sir, thou needs not do more then live a life of virtue and chaste emotions, keep thine lusts to thineself till thou marry thineself with a maide

Stuff that you pale plodded stick in the mud. I have some real advice for the boy.

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On the other side of the coin there is a bar in Milwaukee that caters to gamers and geek-related activities. Not sure they sell cards but it's definitely alcohol-related. It's a bit more pricey than the usual crapholes I go to, but certainly seems cool. Probably less country music karaoke though which is a big plus.

Disclaimer: I have never been there.

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The only two things that matter.

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>dwarf voice coming through tubes in door demands "a maker"
>rogue bluffs "er, yes. we are all makers. let us in"
>voice coming through door "you are not makers"
>fighter punches door in frustration
>door unhinges itself to reveal that is an intelligent speaking construct
>door drops fighter from full to negative HP
>"this is the tuffest door I have punched"
>mfw I spent all my gold on ale and whores

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And when we finally reach heaven together...

We'll spend all the treasure we had left over on wenches and booze,

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this is how I barbarian/fighter

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agreed OP there are far better things to spend money one

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what you spend your gold on other shit?

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Hey /tg/ Im going to be DMing for the first time in a group of players who have never played before. I have played a bit of 4th ed with other people and have grasped most of the stuff fairly well. My other friend usually DMs and has the monster manual and dungeon masters guide but the question is with the story supplement Keep of the Shadowfell do i actually need the other 2 books? All of the encounters and rewards are in the storybook arent they?
thanks in advance

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There we go!

Now lets get drunk!

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There is only one answer

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rolled 7 = 7

where there are pirates, there are whores
I think we should find a nice tavern and get us some ale and whores

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not this poster, but

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