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Hello Borg. We are Blood Ravens, We see you have brought us many presents

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Or you could just submit to the mugocracy.

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Carry on then brother.

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I know, ive played ultra for 10 years but really wanna start an iron hands unit. Ward seriously doesnt seem to give a shit about them, yet every other non codex astartes chapter gets their own damn codex! I dont understand man. I want to see an iron father character and special rules for a unit of guys who all have a bionic hand (at least)

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>Hoping shitty third rate PDF flak vest saves you from impending shrapnel doom

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I know the list is a bit... problematic. First I lack heavy hitters like laserguns, second I miss out on good vehicles and flyers. I have Autocannons for anti air, the quadgun and could add some heavy weapon teams.

The Bikers advance quickly, semi-screening the advancing Berserkers. The enemy lines get thinned out by Griffons. They'll be behind the Aegis with camo, far in the back. Those are the only hullpoints on my side, behind good cover and with camo 3+ and those anti tank weapons need to come close- which automatically means to come close to the advancing Berserkers. So those vehicles are permitted in this foot-heavy list. Guardsmen hold objectives.
The concept isn't that bad, I think, but I need to lose some fat. I need a 2000 and a 170 pts version.
Can anyone help me, please? I was a 3rd edition veteran, but this is long ago. I feel like a total newb.
I'd love to deepstrike a large squad of terminators and some kyborgs as an additional distraction and vehicle busting squad, but the points don't allow me. While themed Khornate I'd also give the bikers the mark of Nurgle if you insist. I think the MoN is good on them, especially as they are also meant as a distraction from the berserkers.
>Justabr deployed
thanks, captcha. now I have a name for my Kharn count as.

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Why do they worship something whos shit was slapped by the big E
Also what the fuck does a dragon have to do with machines

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This entire thread, is just silly

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Will seed also. Godspeed OP, godspeed.

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So, since I don't see one, how about a good old waiting for scans thread.

Also 40k general.

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Just don't. It can be a bit of a hot button here. And by cup I guess you mean like this?

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This one appears to be full of motor oil.

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Joking aside OP, this is your best bet. If it happened to me, someone would be getting a serious fucking, which is why I put all of my stuff into storage when I moved out since I don't have the room for it all.

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I had that one, then my computer died. Sadly, I was unable to retrieve it.

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I guess we're going to have to go and have a little chat with these guys. Seeing as it's only 3 marines (that we know of) one of whom is the chapter master, a face to face meeting would be appropriate we should bring our retinue with us and tell them to exercise caution.

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Too late for that now, I must answer my brother's question.

We have many, many storage silos full of cups on the ware world. Including this delightful one that I was 'given' by a deceased tech priest when we went to help out that Titus fellow.

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Heh..such futility.

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Thanks for the gifted glue, techpriest.

We are putting it in good use.

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Oh hi there.

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Well it'd be almost heretical to turn down gifts from such great chapters as the ultramarines.

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