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How conversion-friendly are necrons? I've really fallen in love with the army and lore, but a huge part of the hobby for me is kitbashing and converting. At least making the warriors stand upright instead of doing the weird-ass squat seems like fun.

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That's just a theory though, nothing written to back that up, right?
Though I'll admit that explains why the crystals seem to be everywhere Necrons are.

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>The galaxy is still suffering from the Old Ones mistakes.

Yeah, like not exterminating the Necrontyr when they had the chance.

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Except, ironically, for the Necrons who have no threads of fate.

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>non-sharded C'tan going shit
>sentient lords
>metal tyranids

In either case, I'd take metal tyranids over Saturday morning Bond villains any day of the week. Newcrons are a mess. They have the power to annihilate the universe but fuck around with ritualistic bullshit, pompous assholes, unprotected vehicles and Penny-Farthings designed to take on space ships. One one hand they can fold space and phase in and out of existence, on the other they're bound to the webway or fucked for life. On one hand they can't into the Warp, on the other they're more capable of fucking with it than any other faction. C'tan eat souls, except they don't, except they do, except it doesn't mean anything, except it does.

Fucking just pick an angle and stick with it already! At the moment they're a big fat joke.

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Bretty gud.

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>do you guys have any tips for running a rogue trader game?
Make them fight Necrons.

>Are there any crazy pitfalls or things I should avoid?
Be wary of turning games into shopping lists. It takes a very long time. Determine set times or places that buying may take place.

In addition, remember some basics. Macrocannons are infinitely better than Lances. Pulse Rifles are the best all-purpose weapon in the game (but it can't match specialist weapons). You do not count money or get angry, you have hired people to do that for you. Four Hour orbital bombardments to announce your presence is a viable tactic.

>I have a first brief adventure mapped out (them getting the ship and a warrant) but I am still pretty nervous.
Usually RTs start with a warrant. Usually.

Skype games can work with people. Determine your method of rolling dice, and work from there.

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So Newcron fluff stresses ad nauseam how soulless they are, but according to Kelly, what's usually referred to as their mind - if that is indeed what he's talking about - can be considered a soul as well. I guess it goes to show how nebulous the writers' usage of the word is, even when it already has a specific meaning within the setting (see also "Do C'tan eat souls?").

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>Because they're the same vehicles they used before the biotransference.

In the Tomb Blades' case they actually aren't. They were spacefighters brought in towards the end of the War in Heaven, which were then refitted for planetary combat. Tomb Blade flight paths are completely pre-calculated specifically because Necron Warriors are terrible pilots. They can only choose which set of equations to use - but presumably such choices must come from the Necron commander anyway since Warriors are incapable of actual decision-making, so really the pilots are just there to pull the trigger, I guess.

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And then the C'tan went on and ate the souls of the super-psychic Old Ones and all those psyker races everywhere all over the galaxy, yet somehow they expended ALL this soulpowa even with gorillions of Necrons fighting for them.

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I know this is off topic. But am I understanding it right that Lynchguards w/dispersion shields can only use them against AP3 or weapons that negate their armour save?

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Is it just me/my experiences or are the IG's tanks not nearly as good as everyone makes them out to be?

I've played a bunch of matches against people using Leman Russes (of all varieties) but they just never seem to do much. And I've gone and watched some battle reports and it seems to be the same thing there...

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I made a .gif because your bikes are silly looking.

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Dear Necrons, your Tomb Bikes are silly.

Sincerely, every other faction.

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