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You decide the best thing for now is to remain put - your leg hurts like the mother of all hurt you doubt even the emperor himself could move easily with this pain - the gun this boy used probably was overturned or something, still - fortifying your area would be hard - there is a total of three crates, perhaps if you pushed one forward you could hide between all three and the wall? You'd have to kick the boy down on the ground of course, then again he did shoot you, so you don't feel to bad over the whole deal as you push him on the ground gritting your teeth you lean backwards and grip the crate with a hand hoping to tip it over - its harder then you'd imagine... the crates are rather heavy, groaning as you twist onto your good leg to use both your hands you grip the edge towards the wall and pull it inward, at first it does not move - but soon enough it begins to slip towards you, digging into the ground - as it tips closer it soon becomes to much for you to stop as it completely tips over with a bang, now with space - you crawl towards the newfound hole, swinging into it with the dexterity of a child, making sure to avoid putting weight on your leg.

>You've acquired fort!

>What do we do now?

>Crawl into the space provided, hide your head from sight.
>Use it as a port hole, stick upper body over the edge to shoot at stuff! (Specify guarding direction)


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Klementhos lifts his head up with a relief showing on his face:
>He will live. Minor burns on his body, but other than that he seems to be fine. However we should evacuate him as soon as possible. Regarding the armour... I think you'll need to give Seran at least a few days to restore it.

As your men go through the contents of the hold, you found dozens of books and notes, however all of them seem to be encrypted or written in some language that you have never heard of. Also there are quite a lot of strange furniture, such as statues, mirrors, altars and jewelry that seem to have no material value, but Ashkenor somewhy kept all of it close to himself. Whether these were part of his rituals or just decorations is hard to say. However in the very end of the room you find a beautiful golden statue of a naked woman, dancing on a pile of skulls. In her hands she holds a magnificent power sword that doesn't seem to part of the statue, but rather something that was incorporated later. It's hard to see what's written on it because of the dust, but you are sure it's High Gothic and that the power sword is forged for the hand of an Astartes. It bears no taint, you are sure of that once you try to scan it, but it definitely bears a power within itself, of wisdom and ages past, maybe even from the times of the Heresy.

>Ashkenor now will know for sure that we are here. What shall we do next, milord?

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>wish I was a girl
well....don't we all, anon. Don't we all...

not sure if serious

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"That is a scene" you think to yourself while sitting down next to Angelina, you'd seen scenes before.. but... that thing was -massive- the entire thing covered half the wall as it was - landing it several hundred meters - you had to move your head just to take it all in, and not only that, its backside was covered in red cloth - making it stick out already as.. "odd" it was probably a planet thing, but you'd had no thing like that when you sang onboard The Rangers Talent, then again - how many singers could not fit upon that massive stage... Settling down a bit in your cushion seat you take the time to correct your hair a bit, as well as look over the cut in your dress, it was not to long, but had begun to spread slightly as the threads where getting undone - you'd had to get that repaired, hopefully there was needles around.. you still remember a bit of sewing from what your aunt taught you.

Your musings are however interrupted by the sound of.. song. It was faint at first but slowly spreading through the hallway - you remembered the tune, "Emperor deliver us" it was a classic hymn, even you knew the lyrics to it. It got louder and louder as the crowd slowly beings to channel into the building - you do notice Nikkobar and his goofs among them - you could almost feel the glare they where giving you, they probably saw you in that dress... you where the only one in such bright colors really. Of interesting note, you also note Lak and his brother entering - they faded into the crowd rather quickly but you saw them by chance while looking over the door behind you.

The music got louder still as the giant red piece of cloth began to slowly accent upwards.

>What do we do?

>Sing along, its a good song.
>Remain quiet.
>Try and catch Nikkobars attention - do something rude to him.
>Look for double heretics, make sure they are not up to something bad.
>Wait for what-ever is about to happen.


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You feel the exhaustion draining you, while you turn around to sprint again.. your every fiber yelling at you to stop, you anything but run, turning you head towards the sky, sweat beading down your face..you briefly wish your Uncle was here, you could always run towards him if there where issues.. you feel a bit bad for thinking that while suddenly the ground.. ends.

You look down, and well, realize you've just rushed out over an edge, a rather deep edge as a matter of fact perhaps two, three meters - as you "tilt" over it and being to fall, or rather slide alongside its edge partially you curling together into a ball, hoping to avoid the tiny tree's and other nasty things that you briefly saw.

Moments later you hit the ground with a low thud, shaking you to the core and drawing the breath out of you.

It takes a few moments before you realize your unhurt.. your body aches, your limbs feel heavy but your all still here... looking upwards you notice nikkobars two friends staring at you dumbly, panting - hands on their knees.

You shook them!

>What do we do now?

>Keep running!
>Taunt them!
>Run to safe area, catch breather.


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You rub your chin with your free hand while looking the machine over, curiosity sparked - the key board is there - much like the cognitators back at the rooms, but - it does not have any manner of screen visiable you can see - only markings above the levers, they appear to be marked I-II-III-VI and so on, suggesting they are hooked to similar but diffrent parts..?

Drawing from your experiance from working with John's uncle you do remember him mentioning that some cognitators are hidden inside things, usually those dedicated to a singular purpose - like unlocking doors, or powering up/down things.

Perhaps this is similar?

>What do we do?

As you look over the levers trying to realise their function you are however finding yourselfs peering straight in the eyes of the large hulking effegy... remembering the ways uncle Eric taught you, you form the sign of the Aquila, mouthing "Emperor be with us" - the typical prayer for these occations, you think..? Its more by reflex at this point then anything else.

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If a null holds a holy weapon, will it stay holy?

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Sup /tg/

My FLGS has a 1500 point tourney coming up. Was wondering what you guys thought of this:

HQ: Vulkan 190 points
Troops: 3 10 man tactical squads w/ MG, MM in Rhinos 210 points each, 630 total
Fast Attack: Two Stormtalon Gunships w/ Skyhammer Missiles 125 each, 250 total
Heavy Support: Stormraven Gunship w/ TL Lascannon, TL MM, Hurricane Bolters 230 points
Elites: 5 Man Assault Terminator Squad w/ TH/SS 200 points

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Even a few background pieces! We're just hitting all the bases tonight.

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Rogue Trader thread, specifically on profit

The rogue trader is losing so much damn funds like crazy, we're now in debt to several other dynasties and planetary governments.

What are some good ways to increase the profit factor?

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I had actually considered that, and started sketching down some idea's on a card deck and game.

Suits being Thrones, Swords, Souls, and either Tomes or Skulls, or both (for five suits as opposed to four)
With face cards being "The High Lord," "The Inquisitor," "The Ecclesiarch," and "The Captain"

Five High Lords, not tied to suits, one Ecclesiarch, maybe 2 Inqiusitor Cards, and a Captain for each suit.

Each suit containing 7 to 10 cards in it.

A game I came up with would involve hands of 8 cards, and only five playable - and the ability to barter and buy cards between players - so you have a pot where you bet stuff, and the ability to sell cards out of your hand of either to other players (or demand them at exorbitant price)

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Governor! Governor!

The Sector Governor has with the support administratum raised our guard tithes!

What do we do!

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It's the biggest ship that ship you can fit a Markov 1 Warp Engine on, so it's got that going for it, but it's outgunned by a pure warship.

>Markov 1 Warp Engine
>Overcharged: Reduce the base travel time for a journey through the Immaterium by 1d5 weeks.

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nothing? you don't have a single war-droid for me?

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You're welcome.

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By commander, I mean governor

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>Everyone came up with a back story of being down on their luck.
Rogue Trader from a Penal World, Navigator from a Shrouded House, but how did the Seneschal represent his origin? Just curious (and bumping the thread because I like Rogue Trader).

>before amassing ABSURD amounts of loot hidden away from the world
Just remember not to go overboard with rewarding Profit Factor. Even an enormous Treasure Island-style hoard big enough to swim in should only be a couple of points.

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