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>Playing V:tM with roomate 1 (GM), roomate 2 (gay friend that just broke up with his boyfriend, my girlfriend and a female gothic edgy cliche friend of roomate 2
>The GM actually achieves to make a very interesting plot without recurring to combat, or anything to explicity violent.
>Girlfriend's first approach to tabletop RPGs. She's is playing a Nosferatu. She's so fascinated by the setting that starts reading the Nosferatu clan novel and everything.

Session 1
>Edgy Cliche plays a Harley Quinn wannabe Malkavian that fucks everything over.
>We get stopped by the police because she was driving like 150mph all over the city
>She kills a cop, starting a motherfucking car chase with all of us inside
>Suddenly, gay friend collapses into tears IRL because he's a fucking narcisist that can't stand that something isn't about him, so he starts begging for attention.

Great GM. We never played again.

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