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This broadcast is for humankind. Cybermen now occupy every landmass on this planet; but you need not fear. Cybermen will remove fear. Cybermen will remove sex, and class, and colour, and creed. You will become identical.
You will become like us

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You have been captured and Restrained.But you need not fear.
We shall remove fear.
We shall remove sex, class, color and breed.
You shall become identical.
You shall become logical.
You shall become like us.

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Chaos is based around Emotion.
"Love (Slaanesh), Pride (Tzeench), Hate (Khorne), Fear (Nurgle)? Have you no emotions, sir?"
The way to defeat chaos, TURN EVERYONE INTO CYBERMEN

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A band of Gors walks through the forest. They hear a strange roaring noise and see objects descend from the sky touching down nearby. Boxy metal things, from which emerges in neat ranks strange creatures. They look vaguely like Knights without horses, but without livery. All identical, all marching in a neat ranks making a odd stomping noise. The Gors charge them, screaming and letting out bone chilling warcalls. How dare these artificial things exist, let alone set foot in the herd's lands. They ignore that other such craft descend from the sky. The will trample them under hoof and smash these weaklings.
But they are not weak, they are stronger than mere men. They have no weapons, but their metal hides are resilient. One of them is about to cleave it with his halberd, but it grabs his leg and sends an electrical shock through him, paralyzing him. He is then bound and hears them say "Take the survivors for conversion".
He spends about a day in a metal cell, thrashing and screaming. Then he is taken out into a metal hallway dragged by two of the metallic constructs. He screams and he thrashes, but they simply move him being able to thwart all attempts at escape or attack. He looks out a window and sees a blue, green and white sphere against the night sky, like the moon but bigger and clearer. He sees that he is not alone. Hundreds of other boxes were being unloaded. They take him before a machine dripping with blood with restraining arms. Several more stand behind him.

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17-Dianne-B says nothing. She bites her lip, nervous.

>"You Will Now Be Processed. Prepare For Testing."

The grey robot at the head of the line begins moving. It puts one of its arms on the top of the head, uses another to examine the eyes, and another taps into the ear, and a third grabs the biometric watch and pulls it off 17-John-A's arm.

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You have a problem with largescale creatures from the warp that feed on your emotions. Well i have the Solution to that.

It also solves aging and makes your soldiers more formidable on the battlefield.

Recomended Listning

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