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Here's a post from 2008 that might put some perspective on things.
Or not.

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>Aren't fighters untenable because shield generators are enormous?
I legitimately have no idea. When it comes to Star Trek I'm a filthy casual.
I watched TOS, TNG, the movies, a little of Voyager, and Picard.
I thought DS9 was dumb, I thought Enterprise and Discovery were dumb, and I thought Voyager was dumb.
There's coffee in that nebula

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>Oh no, it's explicitly set in the Prime universe.
So it's a straight retcon then? Do they have any idea how many trekkies this is going to piss off?

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I need to find a version of this one that has Sisko and Archer...even though I feel it would be unnecessarily mean towards Archer.

Fortuitously, I like D&D, so this isn't a problem for me.

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I don't have the one someone made with Sisko, sorry.

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>would /tg/ label Captain Kirk a Mary Sue?
no I might bitch that he's got plot armor, but he's got plenty of flaws

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Kirk all the way.

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The words "I hate you because it's so accurate" come to mind.

And also because this pic has to be posted in every Star Trek thread, by law.

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Not Sure If This Counts as /tg/ Related, But I Definitely Saved It From Here

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Don't you know humans are the greatest?

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