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"Men, soldiers, they need something to beileve in, I beileve in a hope for humanity! I beileve in the GOD EMPEROR!"
"Are you the CO of this, [Unknown Regiment]"
>He would approached the Captain in a suit of man-sized power armor
"If you are, there's a large problem here."

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I'm going through my WD, and it sas that the Ironclad is the biggest ship the Karhadrons can use with only 1 balloon.

HOWEVER, it does says that bigger ships are most definitely existing, but those use several balloons. So maybe we'll see some sort of center piece big ass boat in the nearby future?

I want my Dwarf Cloud Destroyer.

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Oh I know don't worry, it's just that with my marks I don't have a great chance of landing a job in the City or in France, so I end up grabbing every opportunity that I can.

Ideally I would find a place in Switzerland, as it's really where I'd like to live, but if I can secure a job before even getting out of uni and a proper one at that, in a growing fiscal paradise, I'll go for it.
I don't en like Asia, Asians or the climate to be honest but it's either that or very slim prospects at all.
Having grown up with successful parents, you kinda have to succeed everywhere as well. At least I know for a fact that I want to be a lawyer, it's not like I'm jumping into the unknown.

Plus GW has finally reopened a store in Singapore, so there's that.

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>mfw I did buy about 1k euros worth of shares about a month ago
>mfw I received 0.35 euros thanks to them already (yes, 35 cents)

Imma be super rich, watch me.

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>Mystic Empyrean

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>elven barbarian

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... whatwhatwhatwha-


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>My face when Shadowrun Storytime 12

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Try all the self superiority of Eldar, plus rape, cocaine and GOING FAST.

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The Asteroid Belt-
To live in the asteroid belt is to take your life into your own hands. A motley collection of clans, mining conglomerates, pirates, and much worse, the belt is a hotbed of sedition and anarchism. Despite being wealthier than most (a vac-suit and personal ship, or berth aboard one is practically necessary to survive), the belt is rapidly tearing itself apart in minor brushfire wars between miners.
Still, there is an uneasy truce on the asteroid Opopis, the de facto capitol of the belt. Freelancers swarm over Opopis daily, providing virtually everything anyone could want without the hassle of dealing with Lham Kha Alif or the other Merchant Corporation. Such anonymity costs, however.

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fucking machines. We built ya. We can destroy ya.
picture completely unrelated. click it.

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