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I really need to know what kind of trauma and abuse you suffered to give you these kinds of adamant derangements and complexes.

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As always, this.

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I just bulk sell them on Craigslist. You gotta get over your inherent attachment to them and realize they're just trash taking up space. If they were useful they'd be in decks or kept separately, and even if you really need one later down the road you can order them online for pennies.

So you can offload them for cheap and make some return, burn/throw them away and enjoy the space with no real effort on your end, or continue to horde something that you actively dislike.

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How do we remove banchô-Anon?
forgot pic

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Record your sessions. Listening to yourself GM really lets you see your strengths and weaknesses in a way you normally can't. Plus you can get hypercritical at yourself in a way nicer players won't.

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basically, 'everyone else fucks things up after the problem's already solved' feels like it happens a lot in my group
there are just so many impulsive fuckheads
>playing a cyberpunk campaign
>i'm the group's hacker
>we have to recover some teammates from an enemy boat after they got captured, just off the coast of japan
>we've got access to two boats and a helicopter
>three of us in the helicopter, including myself
>other two in boats
>i get the pilot to fly us in to check it out, discover i can connect to the boat
>radio in that i'm hacking it
>after some work discover that the boat is a drone
>ask the DM how it's being controlled
>turns out it's getting a signal containing instructions from somewhere on-land
>disable the receiver and spoof the signal, tell it to stop and wait
>it's completely helpless now, i've also disabled its weapons
>meanwhile the people inside the boat have escaped and are fucking up the four or so guards on it
>entire encounter solved
>we can safely pick them up and fly back out without anybody ever noticing
>then one of the fuckheads on our boats shoots an anti-tank rifle at the drone
>door-gunner in the helicopter opens up with his minigun
>other of our boats rams into it
>all this while three of our crew are still on the drone
>crossfire and a fueltank exploding almost kills them, scuttles both boats, and forces us to ditch the helicopter and hide before the coast guard investigate
>now we have to make our way back to our HQ on-foot through the slums

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>That entire thing
>Unironically using the term cunny

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Kill yourself

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Jesus fuck, I can understand getting people going after 8 year olds, but the whole ballgame changes when they hit like 14. Fuck the laws themselves admit it, in just two years they're considered responsible enough to handle getting fucked, in some places at 14 they're technically legal. But the whole metric is impossible to measure, some adults are barely mature enough to have sex.

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>40k Frozen songs were legit though
Yes, that's the problem. Frozen is bad, the songs were even badder, and you should feel bad. This is almost as bad as "bronies" shoving their stupid fandom into everyone's faces by making "ponified" versions of characters.

Jesus christ full steam ahead on the cringe train.

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>oh hey d20station thread up again
>let's check it out
>violent samefagging and shitposts for days on end
some of you people are singlehandedly worse than /vg/ now

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>yfw you google image search "seraphon."

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Please do not tell us about your weird bullshit fetishes, man.

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I can't believe you manage to be even worse than chandere.

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Does LG mean lawful nice? Can it include a vengeful, cruel person who does it for the greater good?

Someone who wouldn't kill helpless demons if they were prevented from ever causing someone harm to others. But would gladly slaughter entire cities full of orc children who would grow up to be marauding bandits?

This is essentially my current DnD character, a philosophical, emotionally detached Tiefling Cleric of Bahamut (4e). He values the "greater good" above all, and sees empathy as being misguided, and sometimes, benefiting the cunning evil. I guess if you like, he's only good because his lawfulness is based on a philosophy that wants the best. If he wasn't lawful, he'd almost certainly be become evil.

I don't know, I guess from my description I seem like an edgelord, but I assure you, he's friendly and is the group's diplomat, but also ruthlessly devoted to doing what's right, no matter how horrible it may seem.

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You belong in a dumpster.

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>Breaking global rules

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>server starts
>instant runtime
if it compiles it works

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>Not playing characters with flaws

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You're sick
That's sick

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