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>You wake up early and do your best to stay away from Horus.
>Breakfast was easy, you simply took it before him and and then went out into the city for a hastily arranged tour.
>It was harder to do during the luncheon, but you managed to keep up a long string of interesting conversations before politely removing yourself from the situation entirely.
>Dinner was surprisingly easy, as long as you ignored the intense gaze he would cast your way every half hour.
>It was easier still to slip away from him later as Leman's drinking companion.
>You hadn't done it in years, but no matter what taunts or barbs he would throw your way, it was always with a wild grin and booming laugh.
>It was harder to ignore the hungry and hurt look Horus had sent you while you left with Leman.
>It was impossible not to slip back into his tunic that night as something confused and desperate wormed its way through your body.
>The next day was completed in much the same way, as was the third.
>On the fourth Horus disappeared with a group of nobles, traveling out to the snow-capped mountains that surrounded the bay.
>On the fifth he returned, and you found a single white flower in water by your bedside.

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Horus is best space dad though

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Oh I'd heard about the story that goes with it but hadn't found it yet. Thanks anon!

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Yep, that artist is awesome - Syber, on Tumblr. She does a ton of 40k art and comics like pic related.

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