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>holding Marxist views in the 21st century.

Isn't that just a phase college kiddies go through after their first Pol/Sci class? People actually believe that drivel?

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it's not really helping we gotta do this with a skelleton crew. we could use a few more /tg/ers in this thread.

anyone could come up with these puns, zombody just has to delve up some inspiration.

it seems OP really needs these puns, one might say it's a grave matter indeed.

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>jesus fing christ. why are you coplaineing on /tg/ again?

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Oh and I almost forgot. I don't know how you plan on doing combat, but we found a real cool way of getting stuff organized:

everytime we have a session I bring this HUGE whiteboard with me, the size of a small table. I drew a grid on it of 1" by 1" tiles for a total of 36 by 48 inches (and a bit of white border). we count each tile as 1 meter and like this we can use our own 40k models.

whenever the party enters a room where there's enemies or come across a battlefield I draw the map that I drew in my notes before hand, onto the whiteboard with some normal whiteboard markers. when we're done or when they can't see a particular room or something I whipe it out with a piece of cloth.
you can even write your initiative onto the table and make short notes on stuff you shouldn't forget.

when we're done I whipe everything off and store the board away till the next session. worked wonders sofar.

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well shit /tg/.
guess it was to specific.

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>>liking Biel Tann over any of the other craft worlds

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>Manul of the Planes

Anyway, since a Bag of Holding can be made by a 9th level caster, I can see the same 'technology' being able to hide away creatures so you can raise small animals, at least.

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Get a load of this faggot.

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>WoD is worse than d20 Modern as far as mechanics go.
What? WoD has much better character creation, combat is quick and to-the-point, it's easy to house-rule and come up with custom content for it, and it's GREAT for intrigue and investigation type games - you can make a character that isn't a pushover in combat but still contributes greatly out of combat extremely easily.

But if you try to play it like D&D (i.e. everybody is just murderous rampage thiefs and the primary interaction with the world is "can I kill it") then yeah, it'll prolly break down pretty hard.

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What is that man fighting?

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Horace would be thwarted by his slightly special brother-in-law, Llyme.

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