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You gingerly move up to the nearby servitors, their massive bulk covering your field of vision, clad in simple blue overalls with their crude looking mechanical implants and augmentations visible for the worlds to see(Did they ask for this..?) you've never really understood servitors, you "get" them - their purpose, and their inability to act like a normal man, you grew up amongst them - but the techno sorcery to make them seemed to surreal to you - how much did they actually know of the world? Waving a hand in front of one of them you try and catch its attention. Nothing.

A sly smile spreads across your face, that means they're in none-responsive mode and won't follow you around. The adept only said to stay "here" after all, besides - looking inside the boxes won't be to bad will it? You head towards the boxes, the tables overfilled with the meter and a half long blackened containers, upon closer inspection you don't quite recognize the material of the crates their resting in, but its slightly yielding to the touch - yet strong enough to resist your finger from poking through it. The aquila on their "front" or lids - as you know can see is painted metallic black - similar to the boxes, yet - in a different hue to make it stand out. You recognize the high gothic word for "no" in the description- its the same one that rests on your slates negative response.

>What do we do?
>Open a box!
>Let them be - better not.
>Go back to explore the servitors.
>Explore other part of room!


Stop spoiling the entrence to my magical realm

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So, the RT group I recently got into where new to warhammer RPG's, so when it came to ships I asked them what they wanted, and they where a bit uncertain, so I offered to make three typical ships to let them see what things usually looked like, and one of them mentioned event horrison. Cut to a few days later when I offered them "the mystery ship" a ship that was stranded on a planet and covered so bad in sand they could not even figure out its pattern, let alone size and then I rolled for all the aspects of the ship. (turns out they've got a missile cruiser long range fuck-em-up ship) with a crew of around 30k that used to run a shitty transport.

So, what are some good quirky things to do on a ship thats apperently old enough to have been mucking around since m31 is covered in saint statues and have eldar xeno tech on it apperently? A few things done so far:

>The Plasma reactor is upside down(they've not discovered it yet)
>The entire ship have a faint smell of ammonia and sulfur, its entierly physic in nature - and the ship keeps telling them its not there.
>The Arboretum have grown completly out of controll and hosts its own complex echo system.
>There lives a kingdom of feral worlders in the ship that are currently freaking out over their homes shaking and leaving the sand.

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Black Templars are cray cray man.

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>Nestorium shall answer your call. "Technohammer" is currently on a mission, but it is being redirected to your position. Omnisiah provides, noble ally.
This is not evidence. You might just as well order Macedon to tell something.
Your scouts are eager to capitalise on this opportunity.
>We shall do our best, milord!
My mistake. 5th Company is with you.
Are you sure that you'll send this?
Captain Quintor with 25 of his brother were stuck on Vanguard and are on their way. So you have about 75 brothers from 5th Company.
In a little more than a week, two Ecclesiarchy ships appear on the edge of the system. 'Burning Glory' and 'Eternal Purity' are Cruiser and a Frigate, who immediately hail you.
>We have been sent from the 4th Ecclesiastic fleet in advance of a bigger force. We carry Frateris Militia regiments, they would be honoured to defend your civilians, however we'd prefer if they wouldn't see battle themselves. We also brought a limited armoured force attached to them.

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Some of your brothers would like you to hear them out. First of them to approach you is First Captain Brethorius:
>My friend, that world is forbidden to us by the Imperial edict, just as those auto-vox stations are repeating over all frequencies. I don't think that we should do it, after all who are we if we ignore the laws of Imperium that we swore to protect?
On the other hand Captain of the Sixth Company, Macedon, has some other ideas:
>Milord, Olympia was once a mighty fortress world. True, it was scoured of life, but it might very well be, that some of the ancient relics could still be buried down there. Maybe we should indeed send a party down to the surface?
Finally, Renard, our own bodyguard and Master of the Shadow Guard, approaches us:
>Sir, I believe that it is not a good idea to go chasing phantom from a darker past at a time like this. We have plans in the Capital.

What do you do?

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The Brotherhood's Fleet arrives outside of Vectis Station.

"All right. I don't care what else is on the plate, I need a vaca-" starts Ragebeard.
"Uh, Warlord?" says Velm, "There's someone else docked at Vectis."
"What?" yells Ragebeard, "Who the hell thinks they ca-oh...oh no..."

As the Brotherhood dock at Vectis Station, they finally clearly see the outline of the gigantic Battle Barge, the words "I WOULD HAVE BEEN YOUR DADDY" emblazoned on the side.

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"Sir, it appears, that Wrath ship have done something to Interimus and now are dragging it towards the planet... They will be here in a day, also we notice that Interimus is accelerating... What should we do?"

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