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>all that health

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Psykers have divination now, divination works on tanks

Pic related, my boner when

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I may send you an email, shame that I hate London and the tube system.

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As an ST for this server, it pleases me greatly to see that are still player driven recruitment's. I want to go on record and say that, we appreciate this and all the time the players take to play.

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The big thing you'll run into while doing RT is powerlevel, your PC's are akin to imperial lords and can go/do most anything, they are so wealthy keeping tack of their money alone is impossible. This means you've got to be ready for them to yell "Fuck it! W'e're going to go to X and do Y fuck this place!" and you can't really stop them. Rather, be ready for them and instead of giving them stuff to do - let the world react to their actions. Example: They won't be attacked by raiders randomly, but if they start a mining op in the wrong systems - suddenly: Raiders! In general if you want to ensure they keep to your story arc(which of course is not needed) build the world around them in such a way they'll want to stay and don't get bored. Have the BBEG show up and fuddle with their plans, not in what-ever they do, but regularly enough to piss them off. Also: Taking shinys from them? God they'll be pissed, especially if its their doing. Example: "There are rumors about a relic of the Admech at X!" Weave this in with other alternativs. They go there: Boom, raiders show up under control of the BBEG, take their shiny - and to finish it off? They blow up a part of their ship. Now that would suck, and get them pissed.

As for the orc? >>29498246 this - also read the part about it in the books under "sanctioned Xeno's" - I've found in the end, the player playing the xeno will grow bored of it after he's got to be "orky" for five minutes and realised eveyone hates him/won't interact with him.

Now as a final note: For the love of all thats holy, ensure they build characters with -character- muderhobos in space won't work in general, as long as the characters have goals and motivations you'll do great. Since they'll be doing stuff constantly and you can let the world react - they'll no doubt also start RP'ing amongst themsleves which is a great bonus.

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replace primaris with a CCS

>vets not inside a chimera
>with melta guns
Oh shit salamander what are you doing? Only time it's ever acceptable to not have them mounted is with harker and cammo cloaks in ruins. You want foot guard, take platoons, much better

>Rough Riders
Pic related

Repalce with 2 griffons.

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7/10, would rage again. He's doing the Emperors work.

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>I don't know, Anon. I don't know. All I know is that 1 out of every 10 recruits is a bear

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Throne bugger me... I knew we are low on supplies, but damn.

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>How do I make myself stop liking RPGs?

Can't, the RPG gods demands your prayer.

>I have a shit group and every campaign I every attempt to get off the ground is fucked up by incompatibility within the group.

You know, when-ever I read a story like this I feel a bit bad, I've only ever been in succesfull campaigns, I've had issues with compatibility in the group but always sorted that out quickly. I'd invite you into running a group with me if I meet you. - Regardless my tips?

1. Don't let it get you down. There are hundreds of thousands of neckberds hiding around the FLGS in any larger city. - If you live in the woods like I did it might be harder, however, not impossible - shit group? Next one.

2. If there is compatibility issues confront it upfront and deal with it like adults - its not that hard, just tell them we are all here for fun and right now it aint fun.

3. Try online groups, there are several gamefinder ones here on tg - there is also Roll20, its not "great" but its something for people starving for real games. Hell even I run a few online campaigns - give me a poke I'll add you into one.

4. Try out alternativs systems - now hear me out: This might not sound like a direct solution but settings generally means people might enjoy it more - I know from experiance that my players got way more into the Warhammer RPG's then they ever did D&D or shadowrun, becouse they loved the over-the-top pulpyness of it. This may deal with some of the issues of players being dicks.

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And it's £23 in the merry old British isles.
Fairly expensive as Rome 2 is £29.99 in comparison, and you're getting an unpolished, but a neat board game for PC.

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>Screaming Eagles
White deck based around various kinds of flying beast riders.

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"Deal" you state with a slight grin, happy to have share a mutual deal with a friend for the first time, righting yourself you fish out the your data slate, deciding you might as well get into the swing of things, this was suppose to be a lesson after all right? Deciding to refocus your attention at the teacher you await his continual counting of people, the air gets a slight smell of incense for a moment as you notice a group of skull probes entering in from far above, no doubt some hidden access point allowed them to travel among the rooms to tend to lights and bless the area - it was common on ships as well, some where even big enough for you to crawl through, you remember several instances of this in the past during hide and seek games.

The lesson soon takes course however as the tiny man breaks into speech, he begins quickly with talking of the importance of history - you make dutiful notes during his speech - and even manage to get the question he asks you among the raised hands right with "It was the vessel "Impertacian" - when he asked about which ship assaulted Larin during the famous "No'til crusades" just a few hundred years ago, remembering it from a book you read that uncle Eric stuck to you.

In the end you are sure you spend a few hours inside the room, but you did not mind thirsty as always for information you manage to stick with him for most of it - even if you did catch yourself with a need to run several times... it was interesting and all but siting still for so long was tiring, was it always going to be like this?

Before long however a bell calls out, and everyone beings to stand up as you hear the tiny man yell out "And remember: Next lesson we will being properly with the pre-crusade age" Angelina turns to you with a quick poke in the side before going:


He caught on, good work

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This is fucking glorious, OP.

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You follow Angelina out of the fountain and away from the other kids generally hanging around it, interested slightly in this odd little house made out of glass - deciding that once you've made your way about halfway there to interrupt the whistling Angelina with a question: "What is a greenhouse anyway, its not green is it?" she turns to look at you, a bit supervised before stating: "Its where you grow plants and things I guess?" "Like a hydroponics then? Why would you make it out of glass, would it not be simpler to just put it inside a building, its how it was on the Rangers Talent" you state "Its to catch the sun I think, like to make it hot inside" she answers "Why not just use plasma for that, its way hotter!" you intersect, while two random kids run past you playing a game of tag, it seems more and more people are slowly trickling in through the gates "Well, I don't know, I don't think they've got any plasma around maybe?" "Planets sure are odd places.."

Up above the sun is slowly setting - as a twilight begins to spread out over the yard - its about to be night cycle you muse, tasting the air that slowly becoming more chilly - pleasant, you note it seems planets actually get colder during night cycle - some ships did that, The rangers talent did, it was good saved energy. Before long you both step through the open door of the greenhouse-thingy-building and you are are hit in the face with the hot air inside, like someone hit you with a blowtorch, wincing you grab a nearby crate filled with green things - similar to the entire greenhouse which looks to be parted up in sections.. crates piled up on stilts make up the isles of this odd place.. but why does it have to be hot inside!? Turning to look at your companion you ask just as much "Why is it so hot in here!?" - "Its so the plants don't die I think" she retorts "Is that these green things?" you ask rubbing some newfound sweat of your brow before it gets into your eyes


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>mfw almost all of the magic players at my FLGS are well adjusted individuals
>mfw it's the YGO players who are the fedora wearing neckbeard bronies and thieves

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I'll suggest either a drop squad (for rule of cool) or giving them a mechanized one - make them attached to a tank of some sort, that usually works wonders "This is our tank, BITCHES!". It also gives them a sense of "fuck yes" right from the bat - that you can shut down with blowing their precious tank into bits and pieces, good way to make them hate something - players in general hates anything that takes their toys away. A tank company also allows you to play with the idea of the tank not being able to go everywhere, or them in general being the "reinforcement" that makes everyone happy - or, if you are feeling up to DM'ing something a bit harder try out forcing them into a recons stealth company where the intense behind enemy lines with no backup RP can come into effect and you can play around with things like food stocks and injury much more. Perhaps you could also try out something fancy and make them boarding experts or similar.

In the end I'd strongly advise to simply go with what they generally like doing - or something that leaves a lot open, to allow them later to specify, perhaps have them as a special "unassigned" company (I think there is something in the books about this) - where they where formed quickly and nobody had time to properly assign them, thus allowing you to use them in all kinds of ways, the administratum works very slow after all - so they could keep that up for months.

>If none of the players want to play a Commissar and I promise not to be a dick, is s DMPC-Commissar a decent way to keep some semblance of order with minimal railroading?
Short answer: No. Long answer: A DMPC is horrible in all regards - but using a Commissar to enforce your "will" is good, it fits the setting and gives you a figure of authority, that can also be shot in the back should push comes to shove - have him around, have him be briefing them or something, inspire morale - perhaps even as a commander of a different "squad" they team up with.


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Looking at your /v/ thread. I can't really say I like the designs, but the kamen rider elf is hilarious. Keep up the good work.

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This was first, going for it.

You decide that the machine is to far away to be bothered with anyway, it would take minutes to walk there, the machine however close to the opening in the ships side however, is much closer.

Aiming your attention towards it for now you begin walking...

As you stride forward, something of particular note hits you... the view outside the ships open side.. shifts, the ship appears to be slowly turning, something which the internal dampening systems hides from you.

The planet in question is slowly coming into view - a massive thing creeping into view, its hard yet to make out any features, but you feel yourself stunned for awhile.


Might have enough time, yes would force me to stick around for longer, but fuck it I need no sleep

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>world's best dad cup

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Because it always seems fitting for me.

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>Cian the Hedgehog
>0 results

You jelly?

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