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How do I convince my party to go to hell? They're high enough level to handle it, but they've balked at the last couple of adventure hooks as soon as the word "hell" came up. They even freaked out when they faced a single weak devil, just because I started referring to it in combat as "the devil."

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Brainstorming stand abilities. Does this feel too out of place?

>「Deity」 has no physical prowess, instead trapping the minds of foes within its otherworld, 「Death Valley」. The target's senses are tricked into believing they are in an abstract hell. They can still perceive and attack「Deity」's user, but any damage they think they are experiencing within 「Death Valley」 translates into real wounds.

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What was the deal with this man anyway? He looks like Teller the magician.

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Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I feel, as DM, I sort of have the right to ensure my own happiness in game over that of my players seeing as I am the one who puts the most effort into it. So, if I want to railroad a bit here or put in a DMPC there, that's my right. Obviously, if I act like an inconsiderate asshole and go overboard, no one will play with me, so it's good to keep myself in check.

I just mention this because lately I've grown really attached the story I'm running and have begun to see it less as game and something more similar to a personal art(not implying that it is necessarily good art) project, and as such I've become a little bit more controlling as DM. I think the obvious response is, "if you see it that way, why don't you just write a book or something?" However, I still very much enjoy the collective experience and game aspects as well. Basically it is a constant balancing act.

Not really a particular point to this post. Just wanted to speak my mind and hear peoples' perspectives.

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This one isn't. It's more like "average D&D character"

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This is how I female fighter

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It doesn't matter. It's the Monty Haul problem, if you win you get the mcguffin, if you lose you get to pillage hell.

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I can see it turning out two ways. Like this...

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