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Let's talk about Fantasy Flight, /tg/.

What FFG games do you play?
What do you like about them?
What do you NOT like about them?

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What's the deal with these Dark Heresy 2nd Edition bindings? Less than a month after I bought my book it was starting to fall apart, and since I contacted FFG three weeks ago, I've heard nothing other than that they're putting my request on hold. Anyone else had this problem?

Anyway, FFG general.

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Discuss Fantasy Flight. Worlds is this week

>tfw AGOT is probably going to die
>tfw FFG has no clue how to handle how needlessly complicated the rules are

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What do you guys think of them? They have great mechanics in their games, but shit rules. I don't think anyone proofs their shit.

Has anyone tried the new 40K game they have? That looks neat.

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Anyone play their games? I play Game of Thrones and it's fucking great but man is their FAQ for it bizarre, it's so convoluted. Really great core gameplay though

40K Conquest looks fun too

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What is your opinion about Fantasy Flight?

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What the fuck is up with these guys? They make great games, but their rules are always vague and they suck suck SUCK at keeping their shit in print

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How are the fantasy flight LCGs on power creep, guys?

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Which of the Fantasy Flight LCGs is best for casual players? My brother and I are thinking about splitting a starter box. What's our best bet?

I think the shop nearby has Star Wars and Netrunner in stock, and I'm sure we could find Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu, Lord of the Rings, or Warhammer if we needed to. (right?)

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You were saying?

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Do you play Fantasy Flight Games' games?
What do you think about those?

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What are /tg/'s thoughts about Fantasy Flight?

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Fantasy Flight Games has acquired the rights to making Star Wars tabletop games.
Good or Bad?
I have never played any other their products, so give me some insight.

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'Sup, elegan/tg/entlemen!

I'm here to express some concerns I have with this great (It is great, IMHO) gaming company. First of all, Despite the fact that most of the games this company has published and that I have played and tried out are amazing (Big exception, Fury of Dracula), I can't help to feel FFG is turning into some sort of GW clone in the US. High prices, some sort of monopoly over franchises (ASOIAF, LOTR and Tolkien, WHF, WH40K, Star Wars) and who knows what else, not to mention the creation of their own fantasy universe (The Realms of Terrinoth).

I just wanted to know if I was the only one that feels this way. Also, in regards of The Realms of Terrinoth Franchise, there's quite a few games about it, but I was wondering if FFG would eventually try and develope a role-playing game set on that universe. Would that be awesome? I think it would.

What do you thing, /tg/?

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So, yesterday i sent in my submission, written to the extent of my ability.

I am young, I have had nothing published, and i live on the other side of the globe.

Do i stand a chance, or will they pick the 40-year old neckbeard instead of me anytime?

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Hey /tg/. Who here has played any of Fantasy Flight's card games? I've heard good things about the Call of Cthulhu game, and clearly their A Game of Thrones game must be alright if it has been running so long. I've been considering trying one of their games out, since they don't rely on random boosters (and thus you don't have to pay out the ass for a single card you want).

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So I've recently started playing board games with my older brother and his friends. I've played Cave Troll, Citadels, Godstorm risk twice and some Cthulhu Racecar card game once. I've also played Munchkins the board game.

To rank them I'd have to put Citadels at the top followed by Cave Troll and then probably god storm risk or Munchkins I didn't really like the racecar game all that much. Maybe it's because I lost and I'm a little salty, but to be honest it felt very random/luck based and I think I find strategy/bluffing based games are more fun. My top 2 favourite games are both from the Silver Line series that FFG puts out so maybe I'm also into games that don't take FOREVVVERRR to play. I like games That don't take forever to finish because it's no fun if someone gets knocked out and just sits and drinks alcohol and eats snacks while he watches his buddies play games for the next 10 billion years. (We made a rule in godstorm risk where a player who's knocked out still gets his turn and rolls 1 dice and gets to kill that many units from a territory of his choosing, I think it worked pretty well ^^)

What kind of board/card games would you suggest I try out? I've been going out with my brother and his friends once a week for the past while and they all have games they contribute. I was thinking about picking up the starcraft board game and it's expansion, I've looked at a bunch of reviews and it seems pretty solid besides a bit of a learning curve. Can you guys recomend me any games that you think I would find really fun? Thanks a bunch.

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