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>implying the wizard didn't set up his own retirement form adventuring by leaving it for the lord to find intentionally, thereby creating a position that needs an experienced wizard to teach the lord and obtain status in a nobles court

applaud the wizard's foresight, and ask if he'll hire me on as either muscle or as a guard/enforcer

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>about to play a brute for the first time( joining a game in progress, starting at level 7
>decided i just wanted to roll dice, so i went scummy and did v human PAM/Sentinel.

I just want to roll dice guys, am I a bad guy? Maybe. Do I care?no

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Uh, I know Incase but I don't recognize OP's particular picture. What's this about a femboi cheerleader?

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Getting a Demonwaifu, making a pact with her and being dragged to hell by her at the end of the adventure and the contract is fulfilled.

I regret nothing.

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i know the feel anon.

i just come here hoping to watch anons eat each other alive, but sometimes i keep the stories they post

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>Black Chameleon

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Yay, more rhinos!

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we all knew soma. we all knew...

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Id fuck her.

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>The Action Point disappears at the end of the turn in which you spend the Happiness.

>Utility Monster: You have no maximum Happiness.

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>Night at the Museum: secrets of the tomb

alright, i'll roll with it

>Dr.Mcphee, the curator of the American Museum of Natural History is forced to open a small exhibit detailing a facet of modern culture. he, being an avid modeler, decides to donate his and several other generous players army of the popular war game, Warhammer 40,000. the Armies included Thousand sons, Dark angles, a Deamon army, several armies of imperial guard, and Ork with a minor contribution of Eldar.

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This is kind of how it feels to be me in this thread.

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>donging some creature
You mean Alesha?

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Holy shit. I almost feel sorry for these bastards.

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>There is no reason to put on airs and pretend that Lewd games are this intelligent activity for mature adults. Comparing your Erotically charged Sexventure to a typical campaign is a bit of a false equivalency, no matter how in-depth you espouse the psychological background for your character's scat fetish.

Agreed, but who the fuck said we were mature adults around here? We invented meatbread! That is not the work of a well-adjusted mind.

>People are free to play in whatever manner they want, such is the great freedom bestowed upon us all. But, encouraging other people to increase the amount of lewdness in their campaigns and games is poor advice, just like recommending someone to stop watching anything other than porno films isn't exactly an applaudable tip, and obsessing about lewd ideas and enabling others to do so as well is reproachable.

Well, yeah, suggesting that people do nothing other than ERP would be fucking weird, but that's not what you started a thread about, you dumbass. I know you made a lot of posts but you should try to remember where you're coming from.

>A little bit of lewd isn't a problem. There's no reason to be a prude. But, at the point where it becomes a dominant theme, the lewdness needs to be reduced down to a degree that it stops distracting from the more important aspects of a game.

Why can't lewdness be the most important part of some games? Obviously not all, but there are games that are about court intrigue, some that are about killing tons of dudes, some that are about solving intricate mysteries from contextual clues, and some that are about managing massive empires in excruciating detail. Why's fucking any worse a focus than those?

>It's like the late Robin Williams once said, "The problem is, God gave man a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time.”

That's not a problem if you just make up your mind as to which you want to run, and games don't always need to be about the brain.

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that is brilliant

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Well it was defiantly nice of you to go through the effort to write this story

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Ragyou got him. He's being PURIFIED as we speak.

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>That picture

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