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A gun

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>Jago Sevatarion

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>Slab Bulkhead

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>An Avatar, a Wraithseer, and 2 Wraithlords

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>using the shitty image

>not putting proxy mines underneath ammo boxes

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All right, let it die, thanks. I only bumped it to show someone on /a/.

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>HK (FN) P90
>not RC P90

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>I gotta say that the SAS assault pistol reminds me more of the skorpion than the beretta 93R.
aw shit, I was wondering why I liked that thing so much

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I say the Dark angels would fit perfect. Since they are trying to keep shit secret thay can "fight" other marines and they are the only ones who still have jetbikes so they probably have other old shit too. And in variation you have Ravenwing/Deathwing/Greenwing
or just vanilla dex if thats your fancy and they have a very easy paint scheme/ chapter icon.

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Background music during combat is kickass, What are you talking about?

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That's the Transformer, right? Do we have any idea what it'll end up looking like?

I have a feeling the Crane? agent will come first though (think that's the one that's left?)

Kinda like how we'll probably see the farzan or hafza (or both) before we have any chance of a new Asawira..

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