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best to steer clear. It's carnac's comedy hour.

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Inheritance Trilogy.

erhm, Cycle

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S'up, /tg/, got a question: would you play a visual novel based on Dark Heresy? How about one based on Black Crusade?

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Who wrote this?

ps: I have not played a tabletop game since the 90's

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>mfw i realize i will need to hire a real actual lawyer if i want to release a youtube animation of 40k stuff

Why has GW decided it now hates fans making stuff of their own.....I just read on 1d4chan they dont even like people making their own fucking terrain.

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I play Carcharodons

I use every power armor codex except for GK and Chaos, depending on what my opponent allows and what I feel like playing at any given time

Terminator spam? DA or SW


Forgeworld allowed? SM with my chapter tactics

But that's because Carcharodons are of unknown origin, if you play SW/DA/BA and they're painted and modeled as such then it would be kind of odd using another codex...

But whatever man, I wouldn't have a problem with it, and it would require a severe level of ass burgers to get upset over something so minor as wanting to proxy your power armor army for another power armor army, which is pretty much the same shit

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Whatever you do - I can't say this too often, do NOT give them too much stuff or too much xp.

I played a BC - campaign where the GM (after 2 sessions) gave me the fucking Blade of Antwyr! I found it on the same ship (a light cruser btw) a machine of whatchamacallit that can turn people into Space Marines (I started out as a cultist warband leader aligned to Nurgle). And fluff wise, it is only a 5% chance to survive the transformation - in a "normal" BC game I would make an 180 on the spot and look for something else, but with this GM I just rolled with it (pun intended). Normally, the GM would have made me do the roll and the only way to succeed, would be if I managed to get a 5 or lower, or else my character would have died - simple. But noooo, the GM just sat there thinking for like 4 sec before he just went, "yup, you're a Space Marine now, and there's one valid Power Armour left for you to take."

1 session later, I ascended to Daemonhood, because apperantly if you summon a few daemons, Draigo is all over you ass. Somehow I even managed to kill him kick his ass (literally, I killed him in two swipes and lost 0 wounds).

It ended with me just quitting mid-game because I was more or less un-killable.

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Again, that's your opinion

I like them, everyone I've spoken to about them likes them, even people outside the hobby

There's always gonna be someone who says "NO THEY WERE SHIT" on the internet, but it's the goddamn internet

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It's by and large incomplete, I posted it on a thread a while back and nobody bothered to improve upon it so I left it as is

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I don't know guys, the Eldar are pretty cool

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I, Olanirian the Long-Eared, call into session this meeting of the Seer Council.

It has come to my attention that some of our brothers and sisters don't approve of my recent decision to ban all forms of comedy and entertainment. The explanation that this is simply to protect us from the lure of She Who Thirsts has not worked.

What are we to do?

Oh, and if you see Yllathan, tell him he is not welcome anymore. Not after last meeting.

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I would post the info but I've got a strict policy against it

Plus I'm just too lazy to type it up, and don't have the pasta

Just shine the Ghosted-signal or press the button on the R'Myr-watch, they should turn up with the info soon

or check the archives

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Has there ever been any interaction between Gork & Mork and the chaos gods?

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She's just a lazy bitch.

So lazy that she couldn't even bring herself to talk at all during the entire campaign, despite the supposed importance of her prophecy.

I guess you could put some blame on Veldoran and the Biel-Tan seers for jumping the gun with each other, but the primary issue is that Elenwe explained jack shit and expected everyone else to figure everything out and do all the work.

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So am I dude, I make less than $600 a month, 400 of which I have to give up to my parents and still manage to pay florida tuition

Trust me, I understand, but if you were gonna spend 10 you can wait a month and spend 25 more

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>implying farseers and warlocks aren't better as grumpy old wizards

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Oh look, the monkeys are arguing again.

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This is hardly relevant, as the C'Tan are all sharded up now.

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You know, I have seen quite a bit of reference to the ancient greek in the eldar.

Like how Vaul the smith is a cripple and how they flew on sky-chariots.

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I find it hard to contemplate the nature of Slaanesh.

I do know he is fickle, though.

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I've noticed a lot of people here on /tg/ are trying to judge wether or not a lot of the 40k factions are "good" or "evil". What's the point of this? and why do they defend the Imperium as "good"? what makes the Imperium the "good guys" beyond the simple fact that they're human?

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Veldoran has the sexiest voice ever.

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