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A thief whose main character quirk is the fact that he must absolutely ruin and literally destroy every inn/tavern belonging to a certain guild that the party would stay at.(Which was almost every inn since my GM's setting was that the guilds operate on an almost global scale.) Pretty much like a rock star. He would, in no particular order:

>Drink all the ale/spirits he can before pissing in the rest. Consuming all the food before using the rest as projectiles to throw at usually starting a barfight
>Start a barfight and blame it on another patron, usually a poor innocent guy walking pass.
>Sleep with the owner's daughter and/or wife, often both at the same time if possible.
>Wreck the room, literally turning the place inside out.
>Steal the inn's signboard, defacing it and leaving it at locations that the party has recently destroyed/robbed/killed at so that should any survival want revenge, they would be lead to the wrong place.
>Pay for everything with counterfeit coins.
>Rob the innkeep's safe, leaving nothing but a single dented copper piece.

He does have a code of conduct of sorts where:
>No poison, no weapons, nobody bleeds or get's hurt.

Get called out by the lawful paladin player one day, she demanding me to stop after pinning my character to the wall. So my character, somewhat drunk spills his backstory to her.

My character's backstory involved his family running an inn that was part of a merchant guild for protection, however when times was hard, the guild chose not to help but to cut their losses and ties. PC's father went to his old allies to beg for help only to be humiliated in public finally making it to the guild hall only for them to throw him out along with nothing but a single dented copper piece.

His main motivation is to find every inn his father begged at, destroy them finally ending his journey at the guild's main hall, robbing them and ruining their reputation leaving behind a single dented copper piece.

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I'm playing Exalted for the first time in the coming days

Is there anything I should keep in mind when making a master thief kind of character?

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Is this it?

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>i tend to do the best as far as positioning myself and doing the most damage out of everyone.

As a Striker you are expected to be good at damage and maneuverability, your DM is a douche.

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deadlands had its own system prior
it involves playing cards and building up dice pools

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Aww yeaa /tg/ now we're getting serious.

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Wizarding academy? I...must have taken a wrong turn, are you sure this is not a thieves guild with an elaborate disguise?

Name's Louis Sealim, I specialize in infiltration and lockpicking. No wall can hold me in, no lock i cannot pick. I'm getting too old to run heists of my own, teaching seems to be the next best thing for the most part.

Sorry to trouble you and now if you'll excuse me, i have a guild to find.

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Human is the best race for everything.
Human is the best race.

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How do I play a detective /tg/ I'm working on an alchemist/rogue character in an upcoming pathfinder game, I have most of the stat work done, I'm using an Internal Alchemist/Vivisectionist multicalssed with a Rogue of either the Sniper or Investigator archetype. He uses his scope to watch people from afar, and uses his fake death and other internal alchemist abilities to smuggle in and out of places, and wait for long periods of time.

The gist is he's a detective for a secret society, think Free masons, but not masons, just secret and what not.

I'm open to ideas on builds, items, extracts, feats, etc. But what I need help on is how to roleplay a good detective, similar to Sherlock Holmes, classic, and a bit cold towards people, but not outwardly rude when he catches himself. I just don't exactly know how to play someone like that, like what quirks or mannerisms I should really have. I'm good at role playing, but this is sort of stumping me.

Can /tg/ help? Also I guess general character help.building thread.

Pic related. Also for fluff he mostly uses range, and sneaks around, but in a direct fight I want him to use a sword or dagger. Does /tg/ know any real fighting styles that are a bit exotic, but practical? Something he learns to stay sharp more than ever actually need to use? Something a Rogue could pick up without dipping into a monk or something.

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I've also used this one repeatedly for an assassin I like to play. Ordell Nyx.

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He has a woman who had done several violins with him in antique shops and pawnshops, but her acting is non-existant and I doubt she will hold up if we try to go to someone with the real money.

But violin scam is a pretty low-key one anyway. Or is there a scenario for a large pay-off?

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Got it. I'll get to work.

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