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is this the second iteration of the Perturabo tard?

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play psionics

or just a cleric

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>Clearly you are hiding something.
>Arrest that man and remove his lead sheets. Anyone who gets in the way is standing in the way of law and will be smoten.
>And it is good.

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USe your imagination. The OD is a very very powerful man, who has command over the largest and most powerful military organisation the world governments are willing to allow to exist under that single man's individual direct control. Now, the overwhelming majority of that force is expressed through the EVAs he controls, but a little bit of incredible military power and political pull is still a lot when you apply it right.

You have the rank and the equipment. That's your weight. Sure, it's a small weight compared to the immense fucking mass that is any Angel or GM-initiated action, but you have brains. And those brains tell you that if you want a small weight to move a big weight, you need something to multiply that force, which here is the lever that is your imagination, and a thing to turn your power's force into mechanical effect, here the fulcrum that is the GM's willingness to let you be inventive. You have a little weight, but with a really good level, that little weight and a GM that lets you move, you can move one hell of a big weight.

You are the OD. You are not the weight. But you are the thing that can tell the weight what to do. And that means your imagination is the stick you have. If your imagination is rigid and unbending, you have the stick up your arse that makes being the OD so tedious. But a little substance and a little flexibility, and your imagination is now the stick you use to beat the GM's campaign into submission until he's so angry he snaps it.

Which will probably be the moment you get a chance to use one of the many Super Fun Russian Guns you planted around your base, and explain to the GM exactly what the thing does.

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Fucking Shadowdancers.

20 Sleight of Hand

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max weapon skill

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Sleight of Hand

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Natural 20 on something or other.

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what magical items should I buy to maximize healing potential? thinking metamagic rods and potions, but what else?

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