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Why should it be a problem if it's not a broken card or competitive?
The only thing I would require is to be informed before the game to decide if play or not.

Taking advantage of this I going to repost this from old general for more help:

There is a 99% I'm going to build this guy, so was thinking, what are the best combinations I should always seek?

Until now I have thought at
- Serpentine crocodile
- half squirrel half pony (Know about the errata but I find it still strong, in particolar with non combined Host)
- rhino kangaroo
- monkey bot (but I'm not sure if it works)

Some are obvious, there are more I'm forgetting\don't see?

The only new thing I have came up with is the interaction between Serpentine kitten and Multiheaded crocodile

>If you could add one out-of-color card to one of your commander, which one would it be?

My main is Ur-dragon, so usually I don't have this problem, I wished to be able to use Bioshift and Plaxcaster frogling\Veigean hydroon in Marchesa, while for pic related regret that I can't use the Host and Augment in the other colors

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