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I gotta finish that stupid thing one day.

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That's taking it a little far.


>100 Bullets

A gentleman of refinement and taste!

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Exactly. If you're not up front with your frustrations, you're just some spineless wimp that shouldn't even open his mouth to speak.

It's better to just out and out say what bothers you and what you don't want in your game. Everyone here is aghast at how impolite it is said, but it needed to be said because DMing is a pain in the ass as it is. If you don't explain what pisses you off, you're just going to be miserable. DMing should be fun, damn it.

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Well that has the problem that I have to engage the girl again and do a talking to again, which I'm not sure of.

After the initial hysterics of her asking what was wrong with the game she was running I don't want to press it again, but I suppose there isn't a lot else I can do.

Can we modify this thread into a dump of private investigator/suited detective art? I've got no art of my own, so I hope that /tg/ might have some good roaring 20s character portraits.

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