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Erebus is still around, as is Kor Phaeron. Both are on the Dark Council that rules Sicarus and the Word Bearers in Lorgar's stead.

Spoilers for the end of Dark Creed:

Marduk marched beside First Chaplain Erebus through the high vaulted halls of the Basilica of Torment. The sound of their footsteps echoed hollowly in the high vaulted space. Immense vertebrae-like pillars towered above them. Robed adepts skulked in the shadows, prostrating themselves as the holy duo passed them by.

“The loss of the device is disappointing,” Erebus was saying. “But it served its purpose. The enemies of the XVII Legion have been exposed.”

“Will the Council declare war upon Kor Phaeron?” said Marduk in a low voice. Bedecked in his ancient suit of Terminator armour, he loomed over the compact figure of Erebus.

The First Chaplain’s head was shaven smooth and oiled. Every inch of exposed skin was covered in intricate cuneiform.

“The Brotherhood and all who gave them succour shall burn, have no doubt of that,” said Erebus. “But my brother shall not be touched. He has already distanced himself from the Brotherhood, severing all links that tied it back to him. He has left them to the wolves, and there shall be no reparations against him. And if I ever hear you refer to the Keeper of the Faith by name again, Marduk, I will see you flayed alive.”

The First Chaplain had not raised his voice, and spoke in a calm, matter-of-fact voice, yet Marduk paled.

“I do not understand, master,” said Marduk. Erebus smiled.

“The Keeper of the Faith and I have known each other for a very long time,” he said. Every Word Bearer knew that Erebus and Kor Phaeron were the first and closest comrades of their lord primarch, Lorgar. “It has always been like this between us. Our little struggles against each other mean nothing.”

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It recently occurred to me that the Dimensional Forge sounds a bit similar to the Nexus Arrangement, a Necron device from the Word Bearers trilogy.

>A ripple in realspace burst from the Nexus Arrangement and expanded outwards, gathering speed exponentially as it grew. It exploded outwards from the Infidus Diabolus and engulfed both warring fleets, knocking out communications and scanning relays aboard every vessel in an explosion of sparks and fire. All those with even a modicum of psychic ability fell to their knees, lesser minds bursting with aneurisms and clots, those of stronger stuff suffering intense pain and temporary blindness. Those who had been peering into the warp, notably the astropaths of the Imperial fleet, fell into sub-catatonic states, their minds wiped of all notable activity, collapsing at their posts.

>The ripple continued to expand, engulfing nearby planets and moons. Within seconds it had spread across the entire solar system. Only when it reached neighbouring solar systems, over four light years away, did its strength waver.

At that point travel and communication through the Warp within the affected area is shut down, though daemons are still capable of materialising. However, note that the Word Bearers are only able to harness less than 10% of its power.

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>The potent weapon had been gifted to him personally by Erebus after the 13th’s heroics upon the stinking deathworld of Jagata VII, when the Coterie had brought down the defences of a war shrine of the Adepta Sororitas, ensuring a crushing victory against the hated sisters holed up there. Every last sister had been stripped of their armour and their flesh ritually debased before being staked out around the outskirts of the defiled shrine, their bloodied forms affixed to crosses hammered into the earth. There they were left to perish, vast swarms of blood-sucking insects rising from the surrounding death-marshes and descending upon them. Their screams had been sweet music to Sabtec that night.

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The captain stood alone, the bodies of his comrades piled around him. Even facing certain death, he showed no fear. Sparking energy danced across his bared lightning claws.

“Now you die, like the dog you are,” said Marduk, relishing the moment. The enemy captain tensed himself, dropping into a crouch.

“Face me, heretic,” said the captain. “One on one.”

“No,” Marduk said. The enemy captain seemed momentarily taken aback by the unexpected answer.

“Have you no honour?” said the White Consul. “Do you fear to face me, to be humbled before your brethren?”

Sheathing his chainsword, Marduk reached up and removed his skull-faced helmet. His face, an ugly mess of scar tissue, regrafts and augmentation, was amused. He cleared his throat and spat a thick wad of black phlegm at the captain’s feet. The floor plating began to sizzle and melt beneath the impact.

“Coward,” taunted the White Consuls captain.

“You are the bastard get of the thrice-cursed Guilliman,” said Marduk. “You do not deserve an honourable death.”

“Let me take him,” growled Burias-Drak’shal.

“No,” said Marduk.

“Let me face your warp-spawned pet,” said the White Consul. “In the Emperor’s holy name, I shall cut it down and spit upon its corpse.”

Burias-Drak’shal snarled and stepped forward. Marduk halted him with a word.

“No,” he said. “He wishes to die a noble death. Therefore, he shall not have it. Gun him down.”

Marduk smiled as he saw the shock and outrage written in the eyes of the enemy captain. The White Consul made to leap at Marduk, but he was cut down before he could move, struck from all sides by gunfire.

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I really enjoyed the Word Bearers series.

The Warmonger dread was the first time i ever saw a bro chaos marine

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Dark Creed.


Also, Erebus is plotting against Abaddon. Don't know how that'll turn out, but a direct war is out of the question - the book says the Black Legion outnumber the Word Bearers almost ten to one.

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I can top that.

>Between them, the four Dark Apostles commanded the loyalty of over five and a half thousand Astartes warriors. Together with the might of Ekodas’ Grand Host, that number swelled to over nine thousand. Add onto that the battle-tanks, Dreadnoughts, daemon-engines and assault craft of the five Hosts and the number was swollen further.

>The Terminator armour had not been worn for over nine thousand years, not since the Warmonger — then the 34th Host’s Dark Apostle — was fatally wounded and had been peeled from it before being interred within his eternal sarcophagus prison.

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>Between them, the four Dark Apostles commanded the loyalty of over five and a half thousand Astartes warriors. Together with the might of Ekodas’s Grand Host, that number swelled to over nine thousand.
>The Terminator armour had not been worn for over nine thousand years


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