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I'm puzzled by the fact that many people ERP online using roll-heavy systems like Pathfinder. Hell, I'm puzzled by the fact that many people play regular RPGs online with such systems, but it goes double for ERP. I've been wanting to run an ERP game for a while now, but I don't want to do that until I can come up with a rule system that I feel like is conducive to getting a lot done with only a few rolls. I don't want to go freeform, but I'd like to, for instance, combine attack and damage into a single roll. I might even want to have a single roll cover a number of different, not-necessarily-related actions, so that you only have to roll once in a while (I have an idea of how this might work, but I have yet to iron out the kinks).

So I guess I'd like to ask other people their perspective on this issue. Don't you find systems like Pathfinder to be cumbersome for the task of online ERP? Do you do anything to streamline or change system mechanics to make them more conducive to ERPing?

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Ah, here's one.

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It depends entirely on the game. Practical is the default, but if you're going for something pulp-y or (god forbid) ERP-y, stripperific is fine. Honestly, wearing stripper armor is no less realistic than some of the tasks characters routinely perform in full plate armor. At least you won't die of exhaustion / heat stroke in the jungle ruins you are exploring. Also note that a decent set of boob-plate would have saved the elf in the picture.

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but that is wrong , see picture

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I just want to make the point that this elf would have been fine if she were wearing bikini armor. Just remember that the next time you go poking fun at how fantasy women dress.

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