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You care for them. Give them food, water, shelter, and a home and a family. Just like any properly-cared for pet.

You did not make them what they are, but you can ensure that the existence they've been handed by fate is one of happiness and plenty. Just like you do for your own dog or cat.

And with that, I'm out, elegan/tg/entlemen. See you tomorrow.

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I like 4.0 in that it takes me maybe ten minutes to explain everything to a new player. Also, the system makes it easier for me, as a DM, to make shit up on the fly if I need to, which lets my players have more freedom and generally a better experience.

3.5 is great if you have a good chunk of time to prepare a game and like to have your players plan out intricate plans involving mechanics abuse and class features. There's nothing wrong with that.

I just have shit to do most of the time, so I stick to 4th.

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I'll never abandon you, Woody.

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I feel sad.

I feel this way because OP, with the most transparent trollbait since the dawn of time, still successfully got you guys to start slinging shit at each other. I feel sad because the people who play the game I enjoy cannot get over this tired argument, cannot realise that nobody ever convinces anyone of anything over the internet. But most of all, I feel sad because I know this thread will continue past autosage, just like the one from just a few hours ago, and that all of you are going to get all bothered and come away with nothing to show for the time you wasted.

Someday, I hope you guys collectively become smarter than this. I can only hope.

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You are all alone.

You will never get to play.

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Let's make this /tg/ related:

How would you handle rolling for Cuteness influence?
Something like Charisma roll Vs. the victim's Willpower?

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This picture represents the first time I came to /tg/ and my time in present-day /tg/.

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What does WTAF mean?

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So, you set a slave-owner's house on fire - without thinking there might be slaves inside, then snapped his neck without even asking him if he knows which way the caravan's heading?

Chaotic neutral at best, chaoticLOLSORANDUMXD at worst.

Chaotic good isn't using evil for good ends. If it were, any evil villain claiming to do evil for the greater good would be chaotic good. Chaotic good is doing the right thing, but having a priority of personal liberty over authority.

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Have a cat as a gift of gratitude.

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My DM turned my cat familiar into a little girl.

At first I was all "OK, I'm fine with that," but after a few battles I realized that a girl really doesn't belong on the battlefield. I'm nowhere near high enough of a level to even think about changing her back into a cat, and I also feel that my DM would feel somewhat offended.

I don't want to just leave my familiar at home (why bother having one if I did that?), but it's too hazardous and cumbersome to bring a little girl into dungeons.

I miss having a kitty. : (

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