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>a group of magic students trying to do a columbine massacre on their magic school

Demon summoning. No really, demon summoning (or summoning analogously lovecraftian monsters, necromantic armies, ext.) If everyone has a gun/wand then your school shooting isn't going to last longer than running into a single classroom, student's alone will wreck your shit due to massed spellfire. While one alternative is to invent some sort of forbidden/hidden ritual or artifact that lets you reflect or resist an arbitrary amount of magic, the most thematicly fitting thing for a bunch of witches is summoning horrors from beyond.

Take note how the last victim of a school shooting is almost inevitably the shooter themselves in a suicidal act, a summoner is often either the first or the last victim of their occult power spiraling out of their control and taking on a life of its own. It represents an extra of step outside of the normal reality even for a 'magical society' by introducing a new set of rules to survival, the intrusion of an always lurking, violent outside reality into a safe, regulated environment.

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What did you do,
as to the other half... its kinda decided already

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Sure, why not

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I'm running Delta Green this saturday for the first time. I've run CoC before, but only in the 1920s.

The first mission will be a lightly customised run of Convergence from the Delta Green book. I just wanted to see if anyone who has run it has any advice for me on things that should change or be added/removed.

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One of the most expensive things you can ever promise to another person is a favor. From the moment you utter that you owe someone without specifying it is as though you had handed them a blank check. Your word binds you to their service by promise of future compensation. And though they can only be claimed for a service of equal value to the one performed initially, in time their value grows. And those favors can be traded into more unsavory hands to pay off other favors. Being indebted to the wrong people people can prove to be a fatal mistake.

Some say there is an immortal being that all unpaid favors eventually end up owed to, biding it's time, collecting them for some dark unknown purpose so that when the time is right its unspeakable plan will be brought to fruition by the billion hands bound to it's service by their foolish ancestors.

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Courtiers of the Dark Pharaoh - “They are foolish to put their faith in such a capricious and malevolent God. Yog-Sothoth knows no such weakness.”

Scions of the Yellow Sign – “Knowledge they may bring, but it is twisted and corrupted. Lend them not your ear.”

Starspawned Savants – “Some of them grasp the edges of the truth that is Yog-Sothoth. They have their uses, as will their master if he ever awakens.”

Young of the Thousand – “Enemies of knowledge and advancement who must be undone. Fortunately, many of us know a trick or two for them.”

Vampires – “What their existence implies for the super-beings as we know them is unknown, but it is known that they are a force of stagnation worthy of undoing.”

Werewolves – “Little better than the Young in their bestiality. Let them perish together.”

Mages – “That beings so potent should not be facets of Yog-Sothoth is puzzling. They merit much further investigation.”

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>He doesn't understand basic economics. Its possible to have eliminated poverty for citizens... by having a vast oppressed non-citizen population to do all the actual work.
>Oh, or they could be a loot-based empire, like the romans were until the pax augusta. send in the army. loot. spend. rinse and repeat.

OP, did your DM elaborate just exactly how the country got rid of poverty?

Also, just how does the ruling classes make sure each generation is born with sufficient magical prowess to stay in power? Is it simply genetic, or is it something more sinister, like pic related.

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I meant the beginning of 2021. Which would make it:
2011-2012 - 1 year
2012-2013 - 2 years
2013-2014 - 3 years
2014-2015 - 4 years
2015-2016 - 5 years
2016-2017 - 6 years
2017-2018 - 7 years
2018-2019 - 8 years
2019-2020 - 9 years
2020-2021 - 1 decade

But anyway, wherever you start counting years for decades, I hope you're eaten first.

Or last, I sometimes mix up which one is the punishment and which one the reward.

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My personal feeling is that we should basically have two types of rejections: Sect and common. Both are available at the same price if you're part of the Sect in question. Buying a Sect rejection from a different sect costs more.

Rituals should be available to everyone (including non-Outsiders), but with discounts based on Sect, like Hunter Tactics.

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the pic

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I turn to the dark powers for aid.

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