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Post scenes of glorious battle. Warriors fighting one another or charging at one another like in pic related.

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I have a very, very specific request-- does anybody know a good show/film featuring 2D (preferrably hand drawn) medieval/middle ages combat? And I mean realistic, or as realistic as possible, too. Sallets, bardiches, no characters with five different hair colors in chainmail bikinis. I've found little to not content for this. I don't care if it's fantasy or a period piece, but anything is appreciated. I'm really just asking for pic related in motion. All content appreciated.

No Berserk. Fuck Berserk. Nobody in the real world one-hands a greatsword.

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So I want to run a historical game where the players are English soldiers in the 100 years war. The only problem is I don't know what I could have them do other than fight French soldiers. Any ideas?

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The first part of my spiel is what we're actually doing. And I'll give it to your straight.

The game called Riddle of Steel was a broken, half completed game. In its original format using only the core book, it was close to unplayable. With all of its suppliments, it was about halfway to a "good" game. The reason we love it is that despite being a broken clusterfuck of obtuse rulings, bad editing and half finished segments, it had one of the coolest combat systems of any game ever made, and some of the bombest damage charts and most detailed weapon lists known to man.

We loved this. You loved this. We all loved the violence. It was, as we are all so fond of saying, the groinstabbing that made the game good. There's just something magical about Riddle of Steel combat.

And that combat is the big aspect of the original game that's being kept. There are modifications, and changes for legal distinction, but the game as you know it is only changing in that it works better. There are still red/red, fuckfests, there's still evasive attack. The game is even more tactical now because all of the maneuevers are being redone to work better.

The skills have been entirely revamped. They work great, they're actually the first thing we did.

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You've actually read my mind, and delivered unto me precisely what I was going to ask for the next time I made a thread.

One of the big problems with Riddle of Steel initially was what my players described as (I'm paraphrasing here) "A severe paucity of escalating loot, you homosexual."

My answer to this was to try to implement magical hardware, as per D&D, but that basically didn't work. The game isn't really 'about' linear escalation in a charter manner the way D&D is. It's a much less comfortable niche where character growth is the primary element, and even that is mostly about intangibles like achieving goals you define yourself, etc.

To be frank, it's not enough. The game needs more things that players can 'get' that they can't just buy at the start of the game, and chunks of rare magical beasts that do cool shit definitely fits the bill.

The idea needs tempering of course, implementation is always a hurdle, but I fucking love this idea, and I love everything related to this idea. Have a battlefield.

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So, now, a thousand years later, these people still refuse to use spears. Their lands are rich, and their empire is huge. I imagined them using short swords and heavy darts initially, like the Romans, but this late in history I'm having trouble imagining what their warriors would look like, as heavy armor and cavalry become more prevalent. Warhammers maybe? Big swords to be used with a hand on the blade? Heavy axes? Really ornate polearms that somehow obfuscate their spearlike design with doodads?

Nearby there are peoples who sided with the Sun-God's sister Moon, and others still who worship their own deities, and they've got no problem with spears, so the spear-zeitgeist is still present, these people just eschew them.


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rolled 10, 6, 16, 18 + 15 = 65

the welsh ignore the unstoppable Scottish army and focus on the beaching vikings.

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Semi-fantasy. I use the same setting for my dnd and BC stuff, it takes plac in whats basically austria, but there is still magic, ogres, monsters. Its Low Fantasy. Any way:

Lord Grewyn says "Thank you for your offer, sir Knight, and we welcome your aid. I will send a servant to fetch your mount, now look here" He points at a map of the village. "We stand at the center of the settlement, and the beasts assault from the north, so this is our plan. Only 20 of my men remain, while my loyal bodyguard remain" He points to the three armored men near him "These are sirs Erich, Stefan and my own son Ludwig, now, with your help, we stand of chance of stopping these attacks. I have levied a force of the thirty strongest men of the village. They will stand with my Guards to the north this nightm whilst we patrol the borders of the village. They will set to roast the corpse of a thief we executed earlier today. This willl hopefully attract the fould brutes. My men will attempt to holf them, whilst we rush from the flank" he points to the map, at a spot just east of the village "And slay the brute's chieftan, the largeest one, wearing the white yeti fur. This will hopefully leave the beasts leaderless."

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