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There's no source saying them NOT having warp presence. All life reflects in the warp. Having a strong warp pretense doesn't subject to higher chance of possession. Using psychic powers to draw on the warp does by offering daemons a gateway to real space. And daemons can be bound to swords and tanks and gun, so just as well they can be bound to a Tau. GW seems to think so, as seen by this battlesuit featured not only in a WD, but used on their own old site when suggesting conversions for using daemon allies via the GK special rule (if facing GK, you could take daemons as allies with your army).

Many races lack psykers. Necrons didn't have psykers, yet they had souls. There's plenty of cases Tau being affected by psychic powers. Kais in Fire Warrior went full Khorne for a while and in another piece a battlesuit pilot experiences weird sensations and smells while inside his sealed suit.

Cults? Thing with Chaos cults is that they're very good at hiding. Anyone can belong to one and not even realize it. People running it might not realize it.

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The "star child" theory is retarded, and you should feel bad for maintaining it


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>I thought tau couldn't be affected by chaos?
they can be

it's just they really aren't good "material" for it, so most Daemons avoid it if they can. It's like choosing between a Longsword and a +10 Longsword. I mean, sure, you can probably get the job done with the regular sword, but why not take the +10 if you've got it?

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same thing that happens to everything the obliterator virus touches

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>Tau following the ruinous powers

Are there any?

>Why our mechalicious xeno have to do it for the greater good :(
exceptions already exist. Farsight and other dissatisfied fire warriors are a good example. Ostracized Septs are also mentioned

>Are there any Daemon princes who's origin are not homo-sapien
I don't know, what do you think?

pretty much. All he's been doing is sending guys out as mercenaries to experience fighting with/against just about everyone he can think of

Probably along the lines of "to beat your enemy you must first know him" or some shit

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alright, WD 278, page 65. Clear as day.

that model is pretty sweet, ain't it? It was in WD as well.. I know I snapped a shot of it up a few months back..

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OP, I have no idea what you're asking for. Please elaborate.

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what do I win?

Alternatively, Farsight takes over.

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