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Very possible, Joe and Saul's ultimate fates were still up in the air. Saul at least is definitely coming back before too long, he's got a place in the current plot.

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>i-is it just me or are we kinda shedding readers? Let's start wrapping up for the day.

You are Joe, street fighting guy. A scrawny guy in too many belts is running away from you. He's not doing too well, the belts are weighing him down.

You tackle the kid down to the asphalt and hold him down. He starts rubbing a pin with a weird symbol on it. It begins to glow a little.

Fuck that. You slap his hand away from the pin.

"I think you might be some sort of mute or something, so I'm going to give you a piece of paper," you say. "I need to know where to find your contact, the person who gives you the hits. Write it down and I'll let you go."

>What's the next stage? Roll 1d100, high roll takes it

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"Hello," you say. "Is it me you're looking for?"

The punks look confused. Probably should have opened with that line or just abandoned it.

"I mean, you...I'm saying I am the man you're looking for. That's what I'm getting....fuck, let's just beat them up."

Tatsuya doesn't even have to dramatically unrobe. Thirty seconds later half the punks are laying unconscious, the other half are badly beaten. Time to ham it up.

"All you wounded! And those of you who can! Hurry back and tell your leaders you'll need more men!" You bend over and take the bandana off the first punk - the one with the bloody mouth - and dramatically wrap it around your head. "I'm headed to...." You look at the train's scheduled stops. You'll need a stop that's nowhere near the radio station... "To our secret base downtown! By the Inafune stop!"

The train finally makes its appearance as the terrified punks make a run for it. The three of you (and your terrified lookalike) step onto the train. You wait until the train starts moving before you tear it off and start laughing.

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