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This is my go-to Evil Empire, kind of Flagg-esq and meant to be a bit on the classic over the-top side of things while still be plausible in a mostly rational world.
>No one expects the Evil Empire to actually survive. It's horribly mismanaged and doomed to implode but it's likely to fuck everyone else in it's last death throws.
>It's piggy-backing of a recently collapse empire, making use of old technology, infrastructure and connections.
>The Evil Emperor is impatient and uncompromising. In times of uncertainty people rallied to him for protection and purpose. He offered them a new empire with black-jack and hookers. Together they quickly squashed the unorganised barbarians around them (maybe evil the lethargic remnants of the old empire)
>The Empire is now in constant state of war to cover all that black-jack and all those hookers. The Emperor's stubborn demeanour and viscous tactics makes diplomacy difficult. However his fanatically loyal legions and stockpile of old-world weapons means he's comparable powers are afraid to intervene at risk of losing any outstretched limbs.
>The Emperor is slipping. He won't admit he made any mistakes but each day he grow more viscous and reclusive. The time when runs out of hookers and super-weapon fuel is approaching. He has no intent of surrendering his treasure like a bitch. This empire, it's glories, it's people, it's neighbours, allies and enemies will all go out in burning glory with the Emperor at the top of the pyre.
>Until then the Evil Empire is a pretty great place to live. Everyone has jobs, they're proud of their country, there is loads of cool shit all over the place, you have all the Old-Empire tech without having to deal with all those lame fucking old-empire laws or that pussy-ass Old-Emperor. As long as you stay on the good side of the Imperial Death Patrol you'll have great time in safe society.

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Because the way we behave and have characters behave towards that fictional race too closely reflect how we behave towards actual races in real life. Even if in universe it's justified it still comes off as very ugly and encourages that ugliness in us. It creates a weird fictional scenario where genocide is justified, where humanish being can be treated like animals. Killing babies isn't noble in this world, it's very hard to find a way to make it noble in any palatable sense. Maybe it is in some alternate fantasy world but that's not the world I'll visit for heroism or glory or nobility. A world were genocide is good just doesn't click with my sense of morality.

LotR could work with evil goblins because it wasn't about killing or domination. The characters didn't generally revel in murder or looting, they just wanted to complete their quest. Goblins were just on obstacle to be overcome.
There are still stories were the characters can be justified in killing their foes but in most cases the justification is that their enemies are bad people. It has nothing to do with race but it's remains very effective.

Sure it's all fantasy but the way it lines up with our reality makes for something grotesque. Treating people like animals and committing genocide just doesn't ring true to my sense of heroism or the sense of heroism of the people I want to play with.
I want to be Indiana Jones not the Nazis.

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Intuitively that doesn't really make sense. A more sane way of looking at it is how an individual chooses to treat the lives, dignity and general well being of those around them.

A good person will generally value the high of altruism more than the high of cruelty.
A good person might recognise that being evil is a lot of fun but they also have enough empathy to understand what it feels like to be on the other side of a villainous act. They would rather not be the guy who succeeds by making everyone else fail, so they choose to be good.

An evil person might recognise the that doing good deeds feels good and makes the world a generally better place to live in. However it's easier for them to just take what they want by force and coercion so they choose to be evil instead.

Of course this doesn't take into account more complex philosophical conundrums but even regular morality bends under those. The alignment system was never meant to take that sort of stress.Alignments in game terms are incomplete and are better served as ascetic tools to help get a character started. They make for interesting discussions but the idea that there is a single way of doing them is a little silly. They are general guidelines for conceptualising a character at most.

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>Not-Neanderthal protohumans
Not always evil but one which is gradually becoming irrelevant. In order to keep up many throw in with warlords in need of fodder. Some revive ancient pacts with dark gods or horrible beasts in order to retake their kingdoms.

>Mass produced neo-humans
(stolen from Warframe)
A new wave of humans cloned on mass, designed to be expendable. Generally bred by callous masters and raised on propaganda to become zealots. After several generations they have begun to degenerate.

A collection of strange creatures from far off lands. They are lopsided men, or people with the features of dogs and goats and birds. Goblins and ogres and beautiful things. All different but united under the blood'n'banner of the Fomoriag. They come in waves from across the sea. Their ultimate leader or homeland is unknown but each raid is headed by a great, charismatic leader.
When the land has been scourged they vanish back across the sea.

In the last days of earth spirits from hell rise up and claim the bodies of the dead. They roam the earth raping, killing and generally making up for lost time.

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>Does your setting have a holy river like the Ganges?
>What's your setting's longest river?
The Yellow River, which is my settings longest river, is also considered holy by some cultures. Especially around it's upper stream, around the region called "Heart", it is a place of pilgrimages performed by some of the nomads worshiping the old cult of The Great Bull.

>Does your setting have a magical river like the Styx?
No. No magic, really. At least not in the conventional sense.

>Please tell me you don't have rivers that flow uphill, bisect entire landmasses or split as they flow towards the sea.
See the map of >>48833263 for yourself.

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Thanks, I'll try to recreate what you just did to see if I got it right.

Anyone else have any experiences or insights?
Pic semi-related. Core inspiration for the whole ordeal.

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>Care to tell more about them?
I usually don't divulge that much into my own settings here, generally because
>Walls of text, nobody wants to read that.
But I'll happily tell you a little bit and you can tell me if you want to know more.
So, the core idea was based on pic releated and Naushicaa the manga, so it's a soft-sci-fi that feels more like a fantasy. It's heavily based on the kind of "old, tired, worn-out world" sentiment and I try to draw most inspiration from cultures of central Asia, steppe or high-altitude, Himalaya-esque societies.
Following the idea of a worn-out world, there is very little agriculture in the world. There is a historical reason for it: the whole era I focus on is about 2k years after a fall of a fairly advanced society that made some breakthroughs in bio-engineering, and eventually ended up creating bio-weapon that was supposed to starve opposing faction into submission by targeting crops specifically. It got out of hands and big cultural plants, like local equivalents of wheat, rice, potatoes mostly died out as species completely. Naturally, the society fell into pieces shortly after. Not that anyone really remembers that shit in the "present", though.
So, most of the societies (about 90% of all inhabitants of the settings are humans, though of many different etnicities) are small, tribal, semi-nomadic, often animal herders. Few live of the few remaining cultural plants and barely make due with them. Finally, the last few are slavers.
Slavery is a big deal in the world. The reason is first of the other non-human races, generally refered to as "Celestials". They, like all seemingly supernatural elements of the world, are remnants of some of the older civilizations. They are very much like Shuna's "God people" - strange, silent, nature-bound giants coming from somewhere across the sea. In their elusive homeland, they grow edible plants. And they trade food with people.
For human slaves.
Still interested?

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I seriously wanted to come here to post just this fucking thing. Miyazaki has some amazing steppe and nomadic nation releated art in both Shuna and Naushicaa. Hell, I've based my entirely world (which I have been flashing out for two years now) on the impression that Shuna's Journey left me with.

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It's a joke, buddy

and the lines between fantasy and sci fi haven't been in close proximity since the OLD days

so you want 'pulp sci fi' really

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Playable? Always human only. If you insist on having strange races in your world, then make them indeed strange and odd, and dumbing them down to a spreadsheet and being-human alike that any player can pick them up and play as them from the get go is pointless.

My "main" world - the one I've placed most of my recent campaigns on that I build almost as a hobby has few "human variants" - The Tall Ones, who are basically a meek, slightly autistic people suffering from giantism, the "Old Ones" may not be even considered a race since the hardly move and don't procreate as they are a result of a very old experiment with immortality, and two thousands of years of continuous existence has rendered most of them either mad or just completely oblivious and uninterested in the physical world, and finally the "Celestial", creatures that can be most easily described as a more organic version of the Laputa Robots from "Laputa: Castle in the Skies" movie by Miyazaki.
I've been playing around with some more races that were results of various human enhancement experiments of the forgotten past, including a rare, child-like variant and some underground humanoids, but I'm thinking it's already enough as it is.

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Not sure if I even should be in this tread, I have barely touched the Word in months now...
Last thing I've wrote as a quick set of "vignettes" for a "describe an average moment/day from your settings" thread some weeks or maybe months ago, illustrating some more mundane aspects of life in my larger world building project. Found myself getting caught on describing house layouts and bedding conventions a little too much.
They got quite positive reception for something I wrote in haste and in a language that is not native to me.

I've been meaning to get back to some of my older projects.
I still have all of my cliffnotes and parts of the completed text for "Chronicles of Bergen", a "framed" short story collection about magical creatures getting involved in daily life of inhabitants of the Bergen city in Norway, featuring (among others), animated statue of a dog rescuing a girl lost in the forest, a water fairy born in a fountain watching people's lives through faucets and eventually deciding to wait the winter out in a little boys fish tank, and old man nursing a heather fairy from the mountains above the city to keep him company over the winter, a sentient strain of wind falling in love with a girl and constantly blowing through her hair and a talking oversized alcoholic badger with a passion for avantgarde poetry.

I have my older "five seasons" short story (consisting of five season-themed sketches more than anything) that I originally intended to submit for a literature contest before... things went wrong too.

I have about 40 pages of notes from my visit to Japan, containing quite a few story concepts that I need to go through and sort out.

And in a more /tg/ related note, I'm still continuously expanding my world building efforts, mostly focusing on mythology of some of the smaller tribal societies, particularly the nomad's "cult of the Bull", but very little of it had I vomited on paper yet.

I need to get my shit together.

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I'm still trying to wrap my head around what OP is trying to say... can somebody please translate that shit to me?

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Last thing I've ruled was a small session in settings of my own provenience, which already features quite heavy use of fire arms, even among the only thing I have relatively similar to knighthood.
I hope it's not cringy, and my players seemed to be fairly happy too, but only time and judgements of others will tell that with certanity.

Pic releated, it's the kind of atmosphere/aesthetics I was aiming for.

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Not any time soon, I'm afraid. My notes are a mess at this point, and half of them are writen in my native language.
If things go well, I should be finalizing early version of a wiki for my world at the end of spring though. Since I'm a fairly regular here, I will probably not resist the urge to post them up here.

Anything in particular you would be interested though? I can share some details up.

Just so that you can judge whenever this is something you might actually be interested: the world is heavily inspired by early works of Miyazaki (pic releated), and it's a soft-sci-fi dressed up as fantasy. Major landscape/culture inspirations are drawed mainly from central asian cultures and ancient middle east. There is no "actual" magic, though some soft-sci-fi technologies are present, and regarding the religions, they are all fictional (in the sense that the god's aren't real in a possitive sense), but they still play a major role as social and cultural institutions.

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>Challenge mode: Tell me about one of the major plots/subplots you have cooked up, and how it relates back to your settings lore/history
Every single one of them, actually. The world is completely settings-driven, everything can be traced down to it's economy, politics and social structures.
The world is a soft-sci-fi dressed up as a low fantasy, with a lot of anachronism and some post-apocalyptic elements. Most of it's enviroments and cultures are inspired by central Asia and to a lesser degree middle east, though recently I started looking into early medieval Scandinavia and meso-american cultures - mainly to learn about various forms of slave-driven societies.

Pic releated, it's one of my biggest sources of inspiration.

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