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I don't know if I'd call it "Obesity" if all the fat goes to the right places.

I'd call that "Blessed by god"

Tittymonsters and Hambeasts don't fit into the same category.

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I have been so lucky as to not have ever run into anyone's fetish in an RPG group. Probably thanks to only playing IRL. Highschool and university friends are much less likely to shit things up with their twisted fetishes when they know you might let the rest of the outside world know how fucked up they are, even beyond the fact that they play RPGs.

Myself, I did incorporate a bit of a fetish character into a game, once, but as an NPC she quickly faded into obscurity. She was added during a period in which I was running myself through the game. A lightly photoshopped image of the Tiefling from Urban Arcana to make her human, her in-game role was as a computer expert and security system cracker, but her whole character was just "Has huge tits, lol", and I never really thought past that point. I mostly recognized it wasn't anything but a fetish character, and tried to phase her out of the game, once I started GM'ing players, again.

As for the time being, I've put two of the most pitiful aspects of RPGs; ERP and GM'ing ones' self; together. My reasoning for it is that I can learn RPG systems by trying to customize it to make it into fap materials. In trying to build game mechanics based off of existing stats, not only do I learn how the game plays, but how house-ruling works.

But as for putting fetish characters in a game? It's not something I intend to do to other players ever again. Hell, due to my players' actions in the past, I end up making most of my games into sausagefests, so that my players don't go full-creepy for any female characters I'm acting.

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One of the members of my party has spent over 5,000 gold on prostitutes.

Let me repeat. His character has slept with over 500 prostitutes. Expensive prostitutes as well, considering that 10+ gold is a small fortune (you can buy, what, 1,000 chickens for that much money?).

Recently, he began to complain about how everyone else had better items than he did (we all had +3 weapons, while he only had a +2).

I pointed out that HE HAD BLOWN AWAY A GOOD PORTION OF HIS GOLD ON IMAGINARY BLOW JOBS, and he grew indignant. He said that while all of us were "rollplaying" and only caring about stats and combat, he was actually "roleplaying" and having his charcacter do what his character would do.

He finished by saying that it's not fair for him to be at a disadvantage because the rest of us were minmaxing munchkins.

By golly, after hearing all that, I felt rightfully ashamed. So ashamed, I gave him a portion of my gold so he could get a +3 weapon.


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