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That would be a cyberpunkish playlist I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSx_N18TWjs&list=PLiqFJNjZR4Sb8DpBZVkugfyrxe7GZnkn9
This one's for the Totentanz: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiqFJNjZR4SaJVdDMNwqdYfzVAlqDvyEC
This is the Night Owl's playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn1riJSHhkY&list=PLiqFJNjZR4Sbh9cXY892XMKAdaboKTvhe

I'm still looking what to put for Rainbow Nights and the Abyss.

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So it looks like Technos are getting all their CF fade values reduced in errata. But it's still not enough.

What do you think it will take to make Technos viable/interesting/distinct/useful?

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Nigga those are Castanics. Elves don't have horns.

>underscores in your naming schema
You people fucking disgust me. CamelCase() for functions, camelCase for variables, _camelCase for private data members.

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The matrix sourcebooks are my favorite part of shadowrun. All of the in-character hacker culture shit, the weird resonance shamanism shit, the mystical "no one knows why" shit like e-ghosts and node foundations, AIs that are so alien the writers can't even think of anything to write for them, anything involving Pax, etc.

Unfortunately, none of my groups are ever into any of that. I got to play a technomancer in 4e once that had to climb a snowy mountain in the deep resonance to speak to a resonance entity disguising itself as a monk for a submersion task, but other than that they were mostly just a really expensive lockpick for the rest of the team.

Are there any novels or anything specifically about this aspect of shadowrun that are worth looking in to?

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>these faggots use their recycle bin
>they don't shred -fzn 35 --random-source=/dev/random

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Actually, I wonder if a houserule where cold/hotsim decreases the time hacking actions take would be a good idea.

Like, if baseline is full action, then coldsim decreases it by 1 step (to simple), and hotsim by another 1 step (to free), while still being bound by action economy limitations (e.g. no action is less than free, and you can't take more than one free action per IP/turn/whatever it is 5e calls a full phase of action for all characters, I forget).

It'd certainly be a greater incentive to cold/hotsim than whatever is currently in 5e, because none of my hackers (and myself, when I get the chance to play) ever use hotsim if they can help it.

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Haskell is a pretty nice functional language, though.

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If we knew, do you think we'd be spending time and money kidnapping and vivisecting them to figure out how to mass-produce more?

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Scroll down and read Dezzmont's comment, "Technomancers play nothing like Deckers."

Technomancers have a niche they can exploit, which is that they can use sprites to fight deckers off while they do impossible things in the Matrix. Can a living persona fight a spider straight-up? No, of course not. But doing that is the same thing as telling a mage to go run at the corpsec and fight them hand-to-hand.

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Is there anything you can tip us off about vis-a-vis the technobook?

Are there going to be group contacts themed around technomancers, technomancer-specific gear I want pokeballs that throw out AR sprites, any more stuff on the Resonance Realms and Matrix architecture?

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Adding on to this, the advantage deckers have is that, should it turn into a fight, they can throw a decent punch and take one in return.

If a technomancer's persona is ever discovered, his brain is going to be boiling out of his ears in very short order. They are really vulnerable at all times and have no option to be less vulnerable other than not being a technomancer.

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My group backported 5e's Matrix rules into our 4a game. Keeps our TM viable (although given that we just picked up a mundane hacker/rigger, our TM is probably going to go back to sammy duty).

Dumbass should always bring a gun. Never get made (or mistaken) as a mage, or you get exploded right quick.

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Question: If you allow Technomancers to go cold-sim, is that the easiest and simplest houserule to make them appealing again?

I've seen people pass around entire remakes of technomancers, but I don't want to go that far.

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No. The Matrix is magic that you access through a screen, and it has no relation to real computer systems. Don't try to make one match the other- just accept the technobabble and move on.

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Because it was in direct competition with Shadowrun, and Shadowrun is a kitchen sink setting. Most people in this hobby prefer an ostensible genre setting with a bunch of narrative non-sequitors thrown in, rather than a more pure genre game. Same reason Deadlands is way more popular than any pure wild west games. Pretty much everyone I've ever talked to or read or heard from who was playing back then has pretty much had the same story about finding Shadowrun, and having the reaction of "wow, cyberpunk AND magic, now it's even cooler". Which is the exact opposite of how I felt about it, but clearly that's a minority opinion.

So that, and the fact that Shadowrun is incredibly similar to Dungeons and Dragons. It's in a cyberpunk setting, but almost everything about it is familiar to a DnD player, from having wizards and magic to the "dungeon crawl" design, to straight up letting you play as elves. A lot of gamers are ambivalent toward things that aren't already familiar, and Cyberpunk 2020 would have felt pretty different, whereas Shadowrun was like, "hey, we have that, but it's like DnD now", so I imagine that brought in a lot more players.

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What's the best way to be a Face that can get a bunch of cool shit for the party and also contribute shit to the party if a fight goes down? My buddy, who is a badass Face already, is getting a little bored of staying in the van with our creepy-ass Rigger when everybody else is getting stuck in.

I told him him that he could try and go the Mage route or maybe excel at using explosives, but he wants to try and be a slickback operator instead. What should he do?

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So what would be needed to make technos playable?

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Like this, you fucking keeb

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Underrated post

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Literally never, if God is good.

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Grow the hair out and nobody will know; if they're electronic tattoos or she's an adept with Skin Artist, a more complicated way to cover it.

Magic... and something more.

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Make me, chummer.

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