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Putting together a fluffy Inquisitional detachment which is why I haven't bothered with the points.What do people think?

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, Psyker, Terminator Armour, Nemesis Daemonhammer, psycannon

Acolyte, Carapace Armour, Hot Shot Lasgun, Laspistol
(semi press ganged guardsman desperately wondering wtf is going on)

Acolyte, Flak Armour, Laspistol, Plasmagun
Acolyte, Flak Armour, Laspistol, power weapon
(brothers working as mechanicus slaves who stole some mechanicus tech then scarped, the inquisitor recognises that their usefulness outweighs their flaws and keeps them alive, for now...)

Death Cult Assassin (mysterious, sexy and deadly also waifu)

Jokaero (modelled as a tech priest, constantly clashing and arguing with the brothers over the stolen tech)

Arco Flagellant (techpriests pet/bodyguard)

Servitor, Plasma Cannon (techpriests pet/bodyguard)

pic not mine

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