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Kernax Voldorius is an Alpha Legion Daemon Prince who's appeared in the 5th edition Space Marines codex - and a novel based on that story - as well as the Blood Angels codex and Apocalypse Reload where he's referred to as "Strikemaster of the Alpha Legion". Even their old Legion-specific rules allowed them to have Daemon Princes and Possessed as normal, though Daemon Packs had to be summoned by cultists.

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>Sorry to disappoint you, but Alpha Legion are confirmed by the HH novels to be closet loyalists fighting for all mankind.

During the Heresy. 10,000 years later their motives are a mystery, but what we do know is that there are plenty of Alpha Legionnaires that wholeheartedly serve Chaos, whatever the true allegiance of the Legion as a whole may be. If there is such a thing as "the Legion as a whole" anymore - there is one reference to an Alpha Legion high command in Apocalypse, but no information is given beyond the fact that it exists (maybe).

He's referring to Abaddon. You know, the "Abaddon has no arms lol" meme.

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Different writers clearly have different ideas of what the Bloodtide actually is and does. Hoare's enters the bloodstream of its victims and explodes them, and takes on a humanoid form that implores the Spess Maherenns to destroy it. Ward's turns its victims crazy and sends them on killing sprees.

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By becoming Daemon Princes and unleashing Bloodtides.

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At least some Alpha Legionnaires have seen the truth and embraced the Great Powers.

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