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I just want to share my ideas with someone of an adult Adventure Time/Urth (New Sun) universe. Is there some way to RP/ERP with someone just wandering around creating new races with me and rolling a few fun PCs for story lines?

I like DnD, but I first played with a guy on the bus to and from school, and we didn't use dice- he just dm'd stories for me and it worked out pretty well; it was certainly pretty awesome for passing time on the bus, and it might just be nostalgia, but it's still my favorite style of two-person (DM/Player) group adventure...

So ERP thread: Where do I find people that would just want to kind of play with/in a world like that? Like going into a world blind- they tell me what they like/dislike and I make sure not to start them near races/things that might turn them off. Then explore and fuck around, literally or figuratively, whatevs.

Certainly the main reason I made my strange world was just because it seemed like a great setting for any kind of interaction (sex, romance, or even when I wanted to try at srs writing).

Also, on a slightly questioning note: I had a gf once who moved away and we sexed on AIM and that was a blast, I'm thinking ERP is like that right?

I've got an ideal scenario in my head, but I'm really open to giving anything a try. I just don't want to worry about rolling dice and such when I can use my own judgement perfectly well- and to better effect, and especially when the main mover of the story is exploration and the lewt is babes of whatever flavor you want (or dudes, I guess, I might not be the best DM for that, but I'd give it a shot).

PS: Finding a picture where a certain torturer is not wearing a shirt under his cloak was harder than I imagined (come on drawers; pay some attention to the author!).

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