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I'll get in on this dump too with what few images i have.

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again thanks

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Where the fuck do i put all these bugs you requested sir?

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I usually only run 1 autocannon HWT, but lately I've been splitting it up into the infantry squads so I don't have to overkill 1 target when I shoot. And most of the time what I'm shooting at is out of lasgun range so the shots aren't wasted. And when it's inside 24" every shot counts so I usually have everything fire at 1 target. Plus, not taking the HWT means 1 less killpoint in my very killpoint-heavy army.

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OP still here, having consumed the cookie.

Well, seems I made the right choice, other then having to apparently deal with hand to hand combat, less the guard have a good rate of protection to hone the whole.... only have rifles thing.

Orks looked alright as well, Eldar are not my cup of tea. Space marines seem to be in a legue of their own and I would not oppose getting a squad of them. Chaos also seems rather... fun? Yes, fun. Not to into the Tyranids, and the Tau seem, or rather sound, like they are a bit understaffed, but thats based on someone telling me that.

All in all, I am more towards the God Emperor. No offense, but he seems like he has his shit straight. Other then slowly losing ground... apparently...

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Alright /tg/, lets talk about whatever army you're currently working on.

40k, Fantasy, Infinity, Warmachine, Flames of War, Malifaux, etc. Whatever army you're building/painting/planning, lets talk about it.

To start: I have a question:
If you could only take one of the following vehicles (not a squad) in an IG ALLIES force supporting an army of Noise Marines, other Slaaneshi CSM and Obliterators, which would it be:
-Vendetta (because fliers are overpowered as fuck right now and its a solid transport for a squad of stormtroopers/vets)
-Medusa (because a S10 AP2 Large Blast will fuck up any Terminator force and, with the new blast rules, even the large blast will ruin a vehicles day)
-Manticore (will put the hurt on vehicles like the Medusa, but with D3 blasts, it'll fuck up hordes much more effectively)
I was leaning towards Manticore because of the massive templates I'm lacking. I currently have an ADL with Quad-gun that is operated by a lord commissar. The Oblits are also chilling back there and could easily protect an artillery piece. Thoughts?

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Im a MARRIED WITH CHILDREN frustrated submissive bisexual. And dont you forget it.

Why do I play 40k? I like playing with the things I collect.

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So it's like a tower defense game with Guardsmen?
This sounds simple enough it could be made on a shoestring budget!

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i have a question here, my friend plays IG, and im not 100% on all the IG rules, but i know you have to have platoons to have troops, and each platoon has to have a platoon command squad. so my question is, do the platoon command squad and all the infantry squads count all as one group of models? or as separate? and can the platoon command squad attach to different squads, because he had bout 30 guardsmen, with a heavy weapons squad in there, and he then attached his platoon command squad to the 30 men and gave them all feel no pain with his health pack. please tell me they cant do that. no average guardsmen should be that over powered.

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I just finished assembling a guard of Cadians, a Lemon Russ, and I got bored and made a tiny objective marker.

Anybody care to see?

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I miss good ol' warhammer threads, i want some 40k some fantasy some lotr stuff, pics army lists, stories, anything warhammer related. fuck even the rping games, I just miss these good convos.
and in turn I'll dump what pics I have and gladly converse with anyone.

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On that note, why is Ward and Kelly are the seeminly only two headlining each codex back and forth? Where da fuck is everyone else?

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so i'll dump what i hope

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