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So once I wrap up these Armored Sentinels, that's all I can do for IG. I'm not sure if I should get started on Spess Mareens or another faction. Whichever other faction had the most support in Dark Heresy, in terms of guns. If you have any recommendation on which faction to tackle next (I can't do bigger vees like Leman Russes until weapons larger than Autocannons and Lascannons get ranges listed in meters, and thus, a roadblock to finishing all the IG units)

Also, sorry for the Battletech Hijack. You can have your thread back, op.

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>There is any reason for this? I mean, what is the mindset between this?

Same reason you don't see white women with asian guys, or why you don't see white guys with black women? God forbid asian guy with black girl.

Brainsmart races are oft considered more effeminate, while physically adept races are considered more masculine.

Also penis size.

Call it racist, but it likely has less to do with genetics than it does culture. Still, you can't tell me that this isn't a predominant trend in real life, either.

Can you even imagine something like that? Feng Xian the meek, bespectacled accountant for Hewlett-Packard, hooking up with Shaneequa, the uneducated, loud, and domineeringly opinionated woman from the "souf" side?

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What about the version for those that don't.

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And I'll continue feeling like it's a waste of their talents.

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world of warcraft, apparently

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