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The Silent king tried to leave the galaxy, but picked the direction the Tyranids were coming from so he turned around and came back to apparently warn others and stop them seeing how if they ate all life etc, any chance of getting mortal bodies back would be fucked.

It's never stated what direction he went in though, for all we know he could have went in the opposite direction of the current tyranid invasion and still found tyranids on the other side of the galaxy

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It's quite funny actually. This one piece of artwork aside, Newcrons don't seem to do too well against Tyranids. The Silent King only beats a splinter of Kraken by allying with the Blood Angels, and when Imotekh attacks a supply planet for a forge world he's been trying to conquer for several months, he retreats after a Tyranid infestation reveals itself. (He goes back to take the forge world a year later.)

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>Much of the territory once ruled by the Charnovokh Dynasty lies far to the galactic southeast. Many of its dormant Tomb Worlds were devoured by Hive Fleet Behemoth, and countless others have been ravaged during the Imperium’s counterattacks against the Tyranids. As a result, the remaining systems of the Charnovokh Dynasty are many, but small and scattered.

>910.M41 The Storm Grows
>Imotekh’s campaigns are halted briefly by the Imperium’s resolute defence of forge world Hypnoth. Imperial Guard and Space Marine reinforcements flood into the battle zone, and though they cannot achieve a lasting victory, they succeed in tying down the Necron assault for several months. Encouraged by the prophecies of the astromancer Orikan the Diviner, Imotekh finally breaks the stalemate by launching a series of attacks on Hypnoth’s supply worlds, Praedis-Zeta and Nyx.

>The first two raids perform entirely as expected, with the worlds laid waste and their vital supplies destroyed or claimed by the Sautekh forces. However, an unforeseen Tyranid infestation on Nyx wreaks havoc amongst the Necron forces and threatens to completely derail Imotekh’s entire campaign. Nevertheless, Imotekh rises to the challenge, weaving a strategy that manipulates the Tyranid swarm into venting its fury on the remaining Imperial defenders. With both sides thus distracted, Imotekh is able to extricate his remaining forces.

>955.M41 Alliance at Devil’s Crag
>The Silent King reluctantly joins forces with the Blood Angels to defeat a Tyranid splinter fleet.

I think that's all the Tyranid-Necron conflict in the 5th edition codex.

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