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So there's this online game going on based on Warhammer. Figured some anons might be interested in it.


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Nice. I always liked the DA fluff so it's cool to see I didn't make a horrible mistake in some of my purchases. I may not have my Legion of the damned but... hey!

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I always laughed at how Templars forces work.
"Here Neophyte, hold my shield. I've got shit to wreck"

Dat medieval training system.

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What? They're nothing like Plague Marines, save for the fact that both are fearless and expensive. LotD are more like Thousand Sons - good invul save, slow and purposeful, as well as being fearless.
And I really can't see how LotD could hold an ork boy horde any better than a tactical squad, certainly not better than Plague Marines.

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the Sensei are end of the line as far as genetics are concerned, save cloning or some sort of divine contraceptive but the Emperor' first generation children might not all have been.

Maybe the Sensei are only showing up now because the Emperor, unable to do shit himself anymore, is activating their latent genes remotely.

Emperor fucks a woman 25,000 years ago. All her children and children's children are normal for a thousand generations until, down the line, there are billions of people descended from the Emperor running around who have no idea what godly blood flows through their veins. Then one of their children is born and they seem a bit odd. Then they grow up and can Wolverine heal, Professor X mind read, Jean Grey telekinesis and bitch slap a titan with another titan. And no one knows why anymore.

Then give them a strong sense of morality and let them loose in the Imperium.

Maybe there is only one at a time and the rest are just Alpha+ psykers that believe that they are and that belief protects them from madness and their faith in something noble makes them inedible to the denizens of the warp.

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Hey /tg/ I need some of you Elegen/tg/entlemen to look over my troop list and see how it looks. And tell if it needs changes. By the way it is Space Marine standard codex. It should be about 1000 points.

HQ: “Captain Horveskr” Space Marine Captain with Bike upgrade and chain sword
“Iron Halo” 4+ invulnerable save Space Marine Bike +1 Toughness Move 12” 135 pts
(Makes bike units count as troops)

Elites: “Terminator Squad Delphi “ Squad of 4 Terminators w/ 4 bolters + 1 cyclone launcher
1 terminator sergeant w/ power sword 270 pts

Troops: “Scout Bike Squad Theta” 4 Scout bikes w/4 shotgun
Scout Biker Sergeant W/ shotgun 140 pts

Troops: “Scout Squad Sigma” Scout Squad 4 scouts w/2 combat blades
Scout Sergeant w/ combat blade and power sword 128 pts

Troops: “Bike Squad Kappa” Space Marine Bike Squad of 5 units w/ 1 melta guns
Bike Sergeant w/ 1 power fist 265 pts

Troops: “Bike Squad Epsilon” Space Marine Bike Squad of 5 units w/ 2 melta guns
Bike Sergeant w/ 1 bolt pistol
Attack Bike w/ multi melta 325 pts

Notes : And they shall no know fear, combat tactics, independent character, rites of battle, mantle of suzerain

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i'm in

pic related: with fire

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ITT: Any 40k lists that make the opponent groan. Out of annoyance, not "Fuck I'm gonna lose".

For example: A list including Imotekh, Wraiths with whip coils + a Time's Arrow C'tan, which also has Writhing worldscape, + Tremorstave Crypteks, + 3 Doom Scythes.

What units annoys your opponents most?

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Sup /tg/, I come to you with an issue.

I am running a Deathwatch game with my buds, and I wanted to get images off of Google Earth to use as maps, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to place a grid over them, short of drawing each line individually.

I don't have Photoshop (can't find a reliable crack) so I'm using gimp.

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rolled 97 = 97

Is there any way the Fen Spectres (thread here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15567294/) to incorporate some tech from the Dark Age of Technology for units of higher rank? To fit in with the Atlantis theme giving them 'lost' tech from what is possibly a city from the DAOT. Thoughts and ideas?

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Hey /tg/, last night I created a thread asking for help making my Space Marines Chapter. We ended up with 'The Fen Spectres'; an Atlantis themed chapter that comes from the Space Wolves. Thread was archived here:

This thread however, is simply my attempt to lure back the posters of last night to see if we can elaborate on it some more, and perhaps start posting things to 1d4chan.

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Right /tg/, I usually hate Space Marines and everything about them, and generally play DE and 'nids. But today, I decided I wanted to create my own chapter, because everybody at my club has one, with their own rules and everything.

Does /tg/ feel like aiding me in this? All I know so far is that I want them to come from a planet covered almost completely in mangrove swamps and ocean. Perhaps they could be based on Atlantis or something?

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>not playing warhammer

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Also, we have plans for morale, how it works etc. But how exactly should we implement the need to take morale tests?

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The Legion of the Damned has sent me holy prometheum.

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