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The universe is boring as shit. In the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, there is only war.

War is fucking boring. Fuck Khorne for all his shitty rage-baby antics. It's no longer fun in this universe anymore!

Which universe shall you immigrate to, Tzeentch?

[] Digimon Tamers (Beginning)
[] Madoka Magica (Post-Rebellion)
[] Familiar of Zero
[] Pokemon (Season One)
[] Fate/Zero (After Kiritsugu is taken in by Natalia)
[] Fate/Zero (Beginning of Series)
[] Harry Potter
[] Evangelion
[] Star Wars (Episode I)
[] Titanic
[] Atlantis: The Lost Empire
[] The Legend of Zelda (Brings up suboptions)

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It's a prison designed to enslave the strongest Psyker the universe has ever seen in a mortal body to prevent him from tearing the Imperium of Man apart for not being what he envisioned it to be. Those in the upper crust have it too good to let their 'god' ruin things for them, so they enslaved him all while using his 'sacrifice' as an excuse to trump him up into the god he never wanted to be so they can use religion as a set of shackles to control the IoM.

Tell me I'm wrong. Think about the situation and tell me I'm wrong; don't go just saying that since it's not written that way it can't be true. Authors mislead all the time. This is the dirty reality of the IoM; you know it to be true.

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{The QM will now end this Session. The QM will rise at 1900 UTC (0600 AEST) 28th of October to continue Esoteric Political Heir Quest. Until then, godspeed /tg/ and may Tzeentch be with you.}

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I used to play a Tzeentch army when bored of my TK in 6th, and I plan to go back to it (Since I only see other undeads with the End Times).
Since Warriors and Daemons are separated, I don't have a clue which one is more suited to a mono Tzeentch army, any idea ?

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You don't understand, Anon...

Hope IS Chaos.

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Where my Tzeentch bros at?

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Where can I find like-minded Tzeentchians so we can scheme together?

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If Paul Morphy, Jose Raul Capablance, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Magnus Carlssen were all playing chess against Tzeentch, could they win?

Either Tzeentch is playing a simul against them or they're all cooperating on a single board to figure out the move.

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Why people don't like Tzeentch?
I don't get this...

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>Not including a pic of Tzeentch' symbol

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Symbol of Tzeentch.

These are difficult to find in good resolution.

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Because there are greater things in the galaxy than being good.

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>Nurgle is more popular than Khorne.
You're wrong, but whatever.
Just as planned

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Everything is truth.

Through destruction, I cleave apart the lies.
Through modification, I mold my self and my world.
Through creation, I fill the emptiness with wondrous glory.
Through searching, I find the truths of this world.
Through contemplation, I reveal my limits.
Through contests, I reveal the absense of limits.
Through movement, I reach everywhere and everyone.
Through knowledge, I share the glorious light.
Through ascension, I break my chains.

Thus do I exalt the Ninefold Path of Change.

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for the Changer of Ways

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Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow is a mystery. . .

But today. . .today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.

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I'd debate their cost. 30 points for something that might not even get an armor save. And if you don't give it Mark of Nurgle, they'll die fast enough.

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I completely agree- that analysis is spot on apart from the missionary position, we're talking Slaanesh here.

The new paperbricks confirmed that followers of Slaanesh are the most friendly towards each other - "a follower from an outside sect, recently arrived in a new city, is sure to find a warm welcome from any of the local Slaanesh cults", paraphrased of course.

There was also a bit about Tzeentch/Slaanesh succeeding on a plot to corrupt single-sex regiments of the IG, so you're probably good everywhere.

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Not as planned...

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would this be a bad tattoo?

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So... if I'm a Black Crusade psyker, is it wiser to stay Undivided or go Tzeentchian? I enjoy a lot of aspects of Tzeentch, as well as the Book of Fate, but I've heard that aligning yourself to one god can make you go crazy faster, and also lose out on Exalted powers.

Also, general Black Crusade thread.

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