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Look at this and tell me this isn't a pretty direct reference.

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More rapey, more boobs.

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I still can't wrap my head around the use of the word "fellatio". Does Kharn have a dick or does Malal think fellatio just refers to oral sex in general (encompassing cunnilingus)?
My magical realm desires the former.

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"I was merely encouraging it to be showing respect to traditional Japanese culture! Do you not believe me?"

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"Now, where were we? Oh, yes. After that, it was decided that Chiaki would get some time off, somewhere nice and comfortable. This 'somewhere' somehow turned out to be Siberia, or rather the Research and Development Base in Siberia. This base was staffed by none other than Misaka's older brother, Souji, and the Ninth's former Warmaster, Valnikov Kharn, who also had the dubious title of The Betrayer."

"After making some hasty preparations and saying goodbye to Iori, Chiaki flew off to Siberia, taking along Misaka and Midori with her. During the flight, Pinky paid Chiaki a visit, telling her about the Golden Weapons and how she must collect every single one."

"Chiaki soon met up with Kharn, who seemed to know her In fact, it was revealed by Kyuubey that they've been friends of a sort, before her amnesia somehow relapsed. They were close friends along with a Culexus named Malal."

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>>21500008 >>21500010 >>21500033

You examine yourself and your surroundings, looking for anything that might jog your memory and perhaps give an explanation to your current situation.

Thankfully, the manacle supposed to be securing your neck seems to have been disabled, so you've got some turning room, at least.

You feel like you should be worried about the amnesia, but something tells you that this has happened before, and you'd been very angry about it one time.

...You're wearing what appears to be a Magical Girl costume that's mainly white, with purple and black accents. A bit of a simple design, one could easily draw comparison to a schoolgirl outfit, but it's somewhat...familiar. Pantyhose is riding a bit high, though, and you squirm slightly in futility at that. You hope it's not going to be a recurring issue, that's going to be really annoying.

The only door leading out of the room is, of course, shut, and from the looks of it you'll have a hard time forcing it open. It looks thick enough to stop explosives.

Other than that, you don't see anything of note. Those gatling guns are still spooling, though. And those alarms are still blaring.

There is a sudden, audible click, and then everything stops. The red lights cease their flashing, growing dim. The deafening klaxons trail off into silence. The gatling guns freeze in their motions, and they fold back up into the ceiling with a quiet noise of heavy machinery.


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I'm pretty sure that's work of Deculture. But I doubt he would be taking any comissions at the moment, too busy running his Lesbian Zombie-Liches threads...

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It's then that she steps forward to meet you, crossing the distance between you and her with a few confident strides - and each step, you hear the steel of her legs clanking together, as if to provide evidence of their mechanical nature and at the same time show themselves off in action. Moving much more fluidly and gracefully than metallic prostethic legs had any right to be.

She comes to a stop in front of you. She's a good head taller than you, basically, forcing you to look up. Beside you, Midori takes an involuntary step backward. You will yourself not to do the same.

"I have also heard that you have been chosen to take up the mantle of Warmaster, Murderface. This pleases me. Allow me to be the first to call you by that rank, since I will be the one to help you train for it." She smiles, and just as suddenly goes down on one knee. Her head bowed low.

"I, Valnikov Kharn, The Betrayer, recognizes the Warmaster and submits herself to her authority."

You blink at this, and hastily ask her to rise. You're...still in training, you remind her. People kneeling to you...that's as weird as it gets, and you're not so sure you're comfortable with the prospect.

She laughs again as she stands up, her black, crimson-pinned eyes glittering behind her glasses.

"Forgive me, Murderface. It has been a while since I have been in contact with the rest of our kind. I miss the rituals, the rites of respect." She shrugs her slender shoulders. "The city as well. It has been a while since I have had proper...how do you call them? Balls of cabbage with octopus meat in them? Takoyaki, did I get that right?"


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