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Is this from a Book Series or something? Because if so, it's awesome.

I'll contribute.

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So? Dis is full of talking heads.

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{A piece of obsidian, carved with runes. It speaks of pilgrimage}

Time passed as it does. Seasons changed and the surface soon forgot the warlord, whose entire empire disappeared into mystery. The [Exile] was reinstated on the successful retrieval of the [Recreant], and things were familiar once more. There was a time when the migrants to the [Adopted] towns may have kicked a fuss with the Church, but they soon found fish-spouses to their likings and settled down.

But the [Family] does not rest.

They had begun their pursuit of the [Undying Song] anew.

Steps were already being taken to ensure that they would not be caught off guard by another hiccup in any [Chain-of-Blood]. New rituals were researched, songs and poses applied, that martial art learnt from fighting the [Recreant]

Their architecture changed. More angles were found, fitted, filled. [Pillars] were redesigned, [Infiltrators] were trained, beasts [Adopted]. Days passed and flowed with the business of the [Family], with the occasional adventurer snapped up.

One such day, they heard a peculiar sound.

An echoing, booming noise came from the Eastern Caves. It was not the tide of the Fungal Legions, for no alarms had rung. It was not another neighborly invasion, for it sounded unlike them. The [Centrals] had not detected any disaster or portent. It was something different.

The Sentinel of Obsidos arrived.

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Not sure how /tg/-related it necessarily is, but I love this one.

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Who told you that?
That drunken viking that went insane upon seeing me?
Or his friend that I drove extra-crazy by showing him my cock?
Truth is, I just didnt want to leave such a nice place - do you have ANY idea how long it takes to properly feng shui the 5th Dimension? DO YOU?

Whatever the case, the words of humans are rarely anything more than lies.
Just look at the Bible.

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Love craft image dump.

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Ive been watching for hours, and thus far theyve seen bees and an old woman. And one of them almost failed a roll to adjust hit helmet - though why you need a roll for that is kinda beyond me.

ffs, I could have gone mad three times by now!

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