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>The whole "lel eldar suck xD xD" tone is, however, obnoxious.

It doesn't help that the person who keeps bringing it up here is a noted shitposter and troll who delights in making the Eldar look as inept as possible. Since that makes the guys who had to run away and hide from them look better or something.

I actually kind of like the idea of Orks looting an Avatar. Or an Avatar looting Orks. Or both.

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So my group is setting up a campaign and we’ve been tasked by our DM with coming up with the character classes. Some of the guys are going for Deathkorps, the others are trying for broken-as-fuck inquisitorial shock troopers armed with combiweapons.

I myself am going for an Aspiring Haemonculus, who is working for Inquistion as a merc.

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>Orks can loot about anything

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Are there any Black Library books featuring the Newcron fluff that are good/worth reading?

in b4

Dakka Emprah unrelated.

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Looted Golden Throne

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Prove to me Orks arent the master race

Also, is there anything they can't loot?

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Ya dems orks, who else wud be so kunninly brutal an brutally kunnin'? Oomies is too pink an squishy an I gots a feelin dem deathskulls is plannin' on turnin da emprah inna some great gargant. Dem spiky oomies is awright sumtimes but den dey goes about screamin' 'bout blud 'n skulls 'n all dat. Dem spiky elves 'n da udder elves is like sticks an can't put up a proppa fight. So what's dat leave ya wif? Orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks...

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I recently bought a model on ebay that has forgeworld parts and plastic parts. the forgeworld bits are out of print and i want to use them on another model. Does anyone know how resin parts react to acetone? I know the plastic will dissolve, so can i soak a model in acetone and get rid of the plastic but have the resin survive? any ideas?

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This is how I magical artifact of doom.

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The Emperor stands silent. The Captain General will not let the Kill Team near the Emperor, but he got advance word from the Fabricator about alleged Archeotech, and thus he brings the Kill Team to the back hatch. While the Fabricator General understands the technology, only the Captain General may approach this close. He opens a panel, and reveals some conduits.He stands there silently. There is time for only ONE action. Kroz, Grakgut, and Wazgor connect the Nob Juice to a bunch of wires in back. The machinery starts whirring, and a little lightbulb lights.

The Kill Team has no idea what this does, but they take heart in the light bulb. The Captain General closes the conduit, and stares at the Kill Team. He calmly points at the exit.

"welp, custoder boyz, dats all da energy we'ze piled up." says Kroz, "If dat dun make yer boss proppa, oi dunno wot will."
Nozari and Kompila chirp, prompting another tug of the string.

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We da boyz who storm da big shiny castle and kill da shiny metal guys wit da big guns, and den take da shiny dead guy who shoot da lazers and put em on arr buggys and use em to shoot the rest of da pesky green guys with da flashlights.

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Don't let them get rustled too hard, or they may fall off.. You decrepit corpse.

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Done bickering with you.
Someone posted a work-in-progress model of the "looted emperor" a fair while ago, dunno if it was finished.

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Alright there is a -ton- of talk about the new rules going around, but what about the changes to the universe itself? have the sections of the book that cover the fluff been scanned yet?

If not, any fine anon capable of posting the fluff sections?

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Company Command squad =125
+vox -pistol
+power weapon

Platoon Command squad =50
+vox -pistol
+grenade launcher
+grenade launcher
+grenade launcher

Infantry squad=200
+flamer +power weapon +autocannon +vox
Infantry squad
+flamer +power weapon +autocannon
+power weapon

Infantry squad=200
+flamer +power weapon +autocannon +vox
Infantry squad
+flamer +power weapon +autocannon
+power weapon

Platoon Command squad=50
+vox -pistol
+grenade launcher
+grenade launcher
+grenade launcher

Infantry squad=200
+flamer +power weapon +autocannon +vox
Infantry squad
+flamer +power weapon +autocannon
+power weapon

Infantry squad=200
+flamer +power weapon +autocannon +vox
Infantry squad
+flamer +power weapon +autocannon
+power weapon

+heavy weapons squad-105

Ordinance Battery=250
basilisk x2

Ordinance Battery=280
colossi x2

Ordinance Battery=340
medusa x2
+bastion breacher shells

ive always had heavy weapons in a heavy weapons squad before, putting em in the infantry bricks is new to me but can afford around twice as many that way so maybe its worth it.

also, cutting out the flamers for a second adviser? y/n

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ha fuck! I just got that!

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Quick! Post the most heretical image you have!

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"Ya know, dat Emprah git nevah kalled us back." says Grakgut.
"Dat's right up rude." says Wazgor.
"Let'z pay'im a visit." says Grakgut.

Krooza transforms back into Krooza mode. Wraith Skranda disengages. Everyone presses the Big Red Button, and Krooza enters the Warp once more, sights set on Holy Terra to see why da god of da 'umiez iz muckin' about, the hundreds of thousands of ork ships following suit.

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Surprised someone has not attempted to model this.

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