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Is every BL publication from now on gonna refer to the Guard as the Asstra Milispaghettio or whatever the fuck?

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>zerg rush everyone
>emphasis on strict origination over individual prowess
>heavy use of capital punishment as a form of discipline
>weapons sound cool but aren't really that good
>are really only effective because they can eat any losses
>despite all the enemies that surround them are mostly screwed by internal politics

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Rolled 1, 82, 48, 36, 39, 53, 5, 84, 68, 49, 49, 12 = 526

Original If anyone wanted, it is from the Dawn of War Winter Assault expansion.

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Imperial Guard thread?

Imperial Guard thread.

God damn you brave sons of bitches

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How would the Imperium look like if the Emperor had succeeded in the Webway project?

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Jinx is a force of pure destruction and chaos

She does it for fun

She doesn't care who she hurts

She doesn't care what she destroys

She is Chaotic Evil

Hurting, killing, stealing, and taunting are fun times for her

Just because she dresses up like fap bait doesn't remove these facts

I don't mean to go full paladin here, but if she did exist in a world where I existed, she would have to die.

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Logbook entry #46. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
Something weird is going on here. There are necron parts all over the place. Heads, arms, torsos and other stuff everywhere. This doesn’t make sense. Official reports say that when a necron trooper is destroyed, his body will vanish, unless it gets damaged beyond repair. By the Emperor, what is going on? Maybe Chaos is involved and those damn heretics are using terrible powers to destroy them. I tell Mike to report this to the base, but there is some interference.
Tonight at the camp, we could hear sounds of a battle in the destroyed city not far from here. I don’t want to send my men in there, but there’s nothing we can do. We could go back and say we didn’t find anything, now that the Commissar was gone.

Logbook entry #47. Sergeant Malcom Blue of the regiment #1567 from the imperial guard.
It’s the same sight as before, necron bodies all over the place. Once again I order Mike to report it and we receive confirmation. They were sending some tech priests ASAP, but first they needed us to be sure there was no necron activity in the area. After a day of searching, we found nothing. Our new orders were to remain here, and inform on any new sightings
Tonight Mike was playing with the radio, being the egghead he is, just to catch on the reports of the other recon squads. He promised me the machine spirits wouldn’t mind. We sat there at the campfire, listening to them while eating some rations. Nothing out of the ordinary for the most part, some reports on the same necron bodies as before but one report caught our attention. It was a sighting of a strange being, walking through the plains, walking north. It was described as wearing a, “power armor, possible Tau nature”. Before command could order something, the recon squad got spotted and the being ran away. Maybe the Tau are the ones behind this

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Packages of supplies rain from the sky above the battlefield of your war ravaged Imperial world.

The Sergeant of your squad of Guardsmen sends you into the no-mans land to retrieve the much needed equipment.

>The object to your left is the mass quantity of items sent to you.
>The object to your right relates to the efficient usage of these items.
>The object behind you relates to the rare piece of equipment within.

There are also enough copies of The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer for your entire squad.

Did the resupply effort serve you well?

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Now for a pitiful attempt at writefaggotry; Some Imperial guardsman have an unfortunate run in with the Cryoshock Troopers, and they left only one survivor.

>_Only the cold_...
>"Your name, rank and serial number trooper" clipped the inquisitor, her voice grating as it rasped from the vox unit where her mouth should have been.
>Where it should have been... the cold, the noise... he could see how they-
>"Answer me" she stated as tersley as the vox unit in her head would allow, her harsh voice bringing him back to face reality, and he subtly wondered what was worse.
>"Corporal Donatus Vioris, Serial number C-970721"
>The inquisitor continued to pace around the interrogation chamber, its walls and floor barren and Donatus sat in the only chair, and the crackle of a vox pierced his ears.
>"Tell me what happened to you and your squad at 01:46 imperial time three days ago"
>Corporal Donatus remained silent for a moment, before bowing down his head and answering "I've already told the-"
>"You have not told ME!" snapped the inquisitor, grasping Donatus's head with her outstretched hand and forcing him to make eye contact
>Like ice...
>"- or do you prefer to be made into a servitor is that clear!" fumed the inquisitor, the most powerful person within a few light years, capable of making commissars shake in their boots..
>He wasn't afraid of her anymore... it is what made him worry...
>"Yes Inquisitor Isaia" answered Donatus, and as she relinquished her grip, he stifled the urge to massage his neck as he kept looking forward.
>"Now tell me Exactly what happened" demanded the inquisitor, a servo-skull floating into the room and then pausing before the corporals face.
>Donatus sighed, the freezing air of the cell misting his breath, the icey vapour sinking down and for a moment resembling an eye before vanishing, then and only then did he answer
>"We were on a routine patrol between hive Secondus and mining outpost 154 beta"

(Ill continue this tommorrow, hopefully)

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I joined an Only War campaign, and I realise my knowledge of 40K isn't as good as I thought. I understand the basics from Dawn Of War and some Horus Heresy, Gaunt's Ghosts and Ciaphas Cain - but I'm not too well versed on the equipment and whatnot. Are there any ebooks or websites that I can read up on Imperial Guard related stuff?

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>Cadian Blood
Have that but have not heard much about it actually

>Dead Men Walking
I have heard nothing but good things about this actually and I am really looking forward to it

>Gaunts Ghosts
I read half way then stopped I should pick it back up again
Good series though

>Last Chancers
Dont think I heard bout this? what is it?

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Hey /tg/, freindly /v/irgin here asking for some help, so I want me and my friends to sit down and play a roll playing game (currently aiming for dark heresy), but there are a few hurdles in my way:
1) none of us have ever player a rollplay game before
2) they are all the sort of people who consider halos multiplayer to be exotic and new from there standerd play base of COD and Battlefield
3)They have no knoledge of the warhammer 40k universe (Although I have alot)

any suggestions or tips would be appreciated, will dump a few warhammer pics

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Next week, if all is well - livin' the dream in a tent for now.

To be fair, there was -some- moeshit in there, I hoped it was enough. Perhaps I should have made Nikkobar into a cutsy bully that tripped a lot.


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I hope there's a battlefield objective to capture a baneblade, and whichever side manages to capture it gets to pile 11 people in it to rape the other team.

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Well IIRC the server tech they bought can handle up to around 1000 players in a single battle, so yeah. It could probably work.

If you die your squad could just hunker down and defend your corpse until they are killed/the medic revives you. If you respawn instead they fall back to wherever you respawned and join up with you again. Not a terribly complex thing to implement.

I think the micro-squad thing could go a long way to bringing some real variety to the game, since all of the player's power isn't focused on just their character any more. It also gives more room for personalisation and such, being able to make your two men just how you want them, along with your own character.

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yeah, have it packed onto their boots and stuff like they've been trudging through it for a bit

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ok they still havent accepted the friend request so here goes

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Steam Key

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Space Marines are thought of as demi-gods, a Space Marine commander would easily have authority over an Imperial Commander.

Yes they can, though they would think twice before executing say a Lord General, it would greatly harm moral, and the Inqusition mind not like it too much unless there was some proof that he was a traitor/heretic.

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hello /tg/.

this weekend im playing W40k and i am gonna play Imperial Guard. I have 1500 points available and want as much infantry as possible. what list should i play?

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Fireteam: 4 (3 Unis, 1 Fire-team Leader)
Squad: 13 (3 Fireteams, 1 squad leader)
Platoon: 40 (3 squads, 1 platoon commander)
Section: 121 (3 platoons, 1 section head)
Company: 364 (3 sections, 1 Company commander)
Battalion: 1093 (3 companies, 1 Bn commanding Officer)
Brigade: 3280 (3 Battalions, 1 Brigadier General)
Legion: 9841 (3 Brigades, 1 Major General

Level up system:
0 newly purchased
1 1 battle
2 2 battles
3 4 battles
4 8 battles
5 16 battles

Level up Roll chart:
1 Increase one stat by 1 tier
2 Upgrade Special ability
3 Increase size by one tier
4 new Hero
5 new equipment
6 armor upgrade
7 weapon upgrade
8 Increase reputation by 1
9 Choose one
10: re-roll twice

2 skirmishes = 1 battle
1 small battle = 1 battle
1 medium battle = 2 battles
1 large battle = 3 battles

Cost to purchase as above:
((10 x (Multiply Str, Rng, and Spd))+HP + damage)/100

Base stats of original unit
-Attatched force may re-roll once per battle
-Will always survive
-can be attatched to different forces
-10 heroes in a single force results in:
--new force of equal size
--average stats of heroes to select stats for new force
--Remove all attatched heroes
--Force retains all special abilities of removed heroes
--force restarts at level 1
--Force reduces in size 1 tier, retains previous HP

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Am I the only Guard player that runs pure infantry anymore....

Its a sight to see when you deploy almost two hundred models in a 1850 game

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Well, I'm wanting to start up IG, coming from Crons. Here comes list, please critique for a gunline against Tau.


Comand Squad
-PW, Medi, Vox, Standard, Melta, Carapace (All)

Lord Commisar
-PW, Carapace, Camo

First Platoon
-Commisar (PW), Medi, Standard, Vox, Melta

Special Weapons Squad, x2
-Grenade Launcher, x3

Infantry Squad, x5
-Melta, Vox

Second Platoon
-Commisar, Medi, Standard, Vox, Melta

Heavy Weapons Squad, x2
-Autocannon, Missile, Lascannon

-Enclosed Crew Compartment

Private ready for inspection, my Lords!

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Hey /tg/. I am looking for some good hfy fics. My brain is saturated with 40k, and as such I am obsessed with the xenophobic ideology of Humanity's Manifest Destiny. However most pics show humans to be strong and easily able to overpower aliens, which I dont like. I like the idea of humanity fanatically fighting physically and technologically superior aliens, and winning.

Any Fics that you know of fill the criteria?

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