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All three ships are slightly above average for main line battleships of their respective settings.

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Didn't GW release Battlefleet Gothic's PDFs for free? You might find all the necessary information there. About your length question this picture might help you.

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I have this idea that I'm going to find awesome Battlefleet Gothic pictures to print out and use them to pretty up the KR card case I'm using to hold my fleets. I'm pretty easily bored and easily amused as a rule; but also, I want to evangelize BFG at my store, and I think having an awesome box to set out would help.

That's my pitch. Post if you've got 'em.

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Starfags cant Starship right :D

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Applicant 2:

Name: Zenadi Hess
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Costeas II

Recorded Statement: “If the first time you know Orks are nearby is when you see them, then you're a dead man. Back home, if you weren't good with an Auspex, or didn't know someone that was – then you may as well be carrying a slingshot than a lasgun. Now, you take that fact – couple it with the fact I was only enlisted at sixteen but worked up to playing with the big, shiny toys... then you get that I'm pretty much a rock star... when it comes to reading little blips on fuzzy screens. Might save your life one day, hire me? Then definitely!”

Observations: Short and wiry. One very aged & worn looking bionic arm. Dresses in his position's regalia at all observable times. Hess comes from a military background and despite his easy-going demeanour, has an almost impeccable service record and two commendations for bravery on the field. Underwent extensive training on void-ship augers under the Imperial Guard. Carries a las pistol.

Tox screens: Negative on all accounts.

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Has anyone ever run a session involving a Imperial Cruiser that turns into a horror game as you fight to escape the ship?

Some Imperial ships are just massive things that you can literally get lost in, biggest battleship in Gothic is 5km in length and some ships go into 30km. I've always imagined it would be similar to system shock 2 and dead space, ship gets fucked in the warp and chaos seeps in etc.

So just wondering if anyone has any stories like this?

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are there any supplements that let me play IG for DH, RT , BC or DW? or run a game? any supplements to help it?

I dont wanna wait for Only War

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Classic phazers vs lasers photon vs proton. shields vs armor and the force vs the well umm somtin!! trekky

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>Privateer Quest: the auto-banning

Just a heads up in case you didn't know:
A possessive noun followed by "engine(s)" seems to be an autobannable phrase and it's something you'd probably use in your descriptions.

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you could get them something like a sprint trader, they're relativly small (~500m IIRC) and fast.

There are some REALLY small ships, like a couple of people but they're prohibitably rare and expensive.

or try a frigate...

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"Unidentified vessel, this is Scintilla air control. Your flight pattern puts you in controlled airspace; alter your course immediately."

As you make to answer the hail, Jezail grabs hold of your elbow.

"Beatrice, wait!" She hisses, "That's air command, and they're not going to let us in easily. Flashing the rosette would work, but Roland wanted us to maintain our cover." After a moment, she relents and sits back. "Look, it's... It's up to you."

"Unidentified vessel, change your heading immediately or we will intervene!"

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Kadsirin smiles indulgently.

"The Black Ships have many superstitions pop up around them. This serves the Emperor's Inquisition well enough, so we don't do anything to debunk those superstitions."

He glances up at the vaulted ceilings above you.

"These ships are vast, with hundreds of chambers and levels. I've always said that roughly half of the horrible things that are believed of the Black Ships are actually true... And it's usually the more gruesome half."

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Firenze however, had been drawing a bead on the Tyranid in his scope since just after the pair exploded from the great stalks surrounding the outcrop. He squeezed a burst of fire from his bolter, three explosive rounds burying themselves deep in the Tyranid's carapace before detonating, showering Rames with ropey verdant ichor and sending the chittering beast squealing back into the marsh. Firenze sent another volley roaring after it before extending a hand to the recovering Rames.

“My thanks, Captain.” Grunted the specialist as he seized his weapon.

“Jaerun?” Firenze asked, ignoring it. When Rames simply shook his head, Firenze pressed him for more.

“I watched him go down myself, Captain,” explained the Astartes, “Took a hormagaunt's insides gumming up his chainsword and a severed arm, but the damned xenos finally got him. Brought him down in the twos and threes; was all I could do to get back here without the same happening to me.”

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A sudden backhanded strike by the Astartes landed a glancing blow on the alien's carapace, enough to send fragments of bone flying and the Tyranid reeling with the impact. Sensing opportunity, Rames entered his enemy's guard, seized the dazed creature by its larynx and slammed it into the black mud of Syradis IX. Pinning it beneath his colossal weight, the Astartes brutalized his foe with lightning fast attacks that left bleeding fissures in its exoskeleton. Finally, the organic armor could no longer hold back his fury, and a fist-sized chunk of the beast's skull splintered away, exposing the soft, grey flesh beneath. Roaring with the relish of victory, Rames plunged his plated arm into the the alien's spongy sinew, destroying its frontal cortex with a blow that could have rocked an Imperial Sentinel, leaving the Tyranid twitching as its ruined neurons fired for the last time.

Rames' brothers were similarly engaged: Hurst struck precise blows at small junctions of chitin immaculately memorized from endless medical tomes written by Imperial xenobiologists. He combined the tireless research of great scholars with the empirical wisdom shared between his battle brothers so that his combat blade, a full sword by the standards of the common man, slid effortlessly past both guard and carapace, striking deep into muscle and organ alike. Orius continued to use his bolter, one arm countering the attacks of the Tyranid whilst the weapon's explosive ammunition tore into his foes, leaving nothing but mist in such close quarters.

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This was going to be ugly.

“Doubtless your captain has already informed you as to the challenges we face,” Echtram said, clearing his throat, “but perhaps it bears underlining. Lord commander Hansuvel, in his infinite wisdom and martial expertise,” Uriel drew a deep breath, pausing just long enough to leave the fleeting impression of sarcasm, “has sent some of our more unfortunate brethren over-the-top to bring the fight to the Tyranid.”

There was no pause required here; everyone there assembled understood that one never took the fight to the Tyranid; close combat was bred in the bone for the creatures (along with four and a half foot long organic scythes), and they understood it with a finality that could never be learned by the Emperor's servants.

“Some of us will not be around for the debriefing,” continued Echtram coolly, meeting the eyes of every trooper in turn, “I cannot promise you survival, for it is not within my power. I cannot promise you the glory deserved of such an undertaking, for doubtless our actions today will be swept under the same rug as Hansuvel's incompetence.” He spoke frankly, and it had the desired effect, the atypical honesty from an officer seeming to bolster the guardsmen nicely, even if it didn't exactly give them hope. “I can promise you, however, that until we achieve our objective or honorable death in service to His Divine Majesty, I will not falter at your side.”

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Was reading some fluff and noticed that several sides have non-warp based travel. Like the Eldar and the webway, the Tau's blink drive, and whatever the hell the Necrons use.
So does the Imperium have other drives? The Techpriests sound like they would, as would many of the small freighters running between systems.
We don't hear about those much, but was wondering if anybody knew more about them. Been curious.
And yes, neckbeards will eventually roost here to argue over which drive is best, and blah blah, but I'm just interested to see how 40k is one of few setting without one Steller Drive.

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The "Serious Constipation"
The "Furious Menstration"
The "Desolation of Ascenscion's Retribution Ressurection"
The "Electric Boogaloo"
The "The"

Alternately, create a fleet of ships consisting of various classes and name every single one of them the "CCS Destroyer MK.IV"

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“Nope. False alarm.” Deadpanned a wiry man with ill-fitting fatigues and a pronounced underbite. “Back to the barracks, then?” He added hopefully, dragging on the stick as a much shorter trooper with more scars on his face and arms than should be allowed by nature passed it along.

“Hold your warp-tainted tongue, hive waste.” Grated Darrow, seizing the lho stick and snuffing it beneath his boot despite the man's protests, “I've had about enough of your mouth, Kiln, so nail it shut or I'll have you on sentry duty faster than you could find drugs in a warzone.”

Kiln Barrachus shrank back from Darrow's sudden anger, then realized his mistake and snapped to parade ground attention, saluting Echtram smartly. “My apologies, commissar. I forgot myself, sir.”

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