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Isn't /vg/ that board full of avatarfags, tripcunts and drama instead of video game generals?

Also, the general consensus is /tg/ will likely be knocking about in all sections of EC however the idea of becoming brazillianaires and leading a might BReen tide in a WAAAGH to rival tharhka is very appealing, and considering that orks are f2p i would assume it will be /tg/'s primary race (implying we won't be spending some teef to get into some more orky classes) As i understand it, /v/ will be joining us in this orky movement, mostly because they are all casual filth who don't know how warhammer works and thinks /tg/ is playing orks to win. When in fact we're doing this to fuck up the game for everyone because orks.

i can't end this post without laughing at OP, like seriously, at which point did this thread seem like a good idea in any way

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Sorry should have specified. It was a general list, each guy does have a legal combination, the flamethrower guy has the standard, then one with grenade and medipack, one with a sniper and then a guy with a vox caster

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Works like a charm, and now I've got an awesome random generator to show off to my players. Thanks boss, good luck krumpin' da 'umies.

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Shall I post a couple others?

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>Next 40k suppliment is Super Heavies
>mfw when I can now use a Stompa in 40k.
Are you gits excited?

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Gentlemen, I require forgeworld pieces for some upcoming conversions I have planned. But they turns out, like lots of monies for them. Have you seen any ebay sellers that have decent stocks, or online sites that have discounts like for GW stuff?

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Those images are from Warhammer Wednesdays on /b/, they predate /tg/. And only the newest of folks have forgotten their references.

>A couple years later /tg/ went from zero moderation to "some" moderation. And while it didn't cease to be the wild west, certain standards were set in place and the mods actually started to enforce things. That's about the time when furries were banned from /tg/ (and everywhere else really). An awful lot of the quests back then in the 2008-2009 period were furry based and there was a mass exodus over to tgchan. Tgchan isn't actually ALL furry quest stuff but they certainly form the majority there.
This is all wrong. They came, they banned a lot. Then they left again and /tg/ was wild west once more, and it was /tg/'s golden age, more or less. Then the nazimod came.

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so for 1500 hows about
>150 warboss warbike, squig, PK, Cybork body
>85 Big mek, kff
>150 10 lootas (or 2 squads of 5 i dunno yet)
>119 19 shoota boyz 1 big shoota
>130 20 shoota boys 2 bigshootas
>130 20 shoota boys 2 bigshootas
>115 battlewagon deffrolla, 1 bigshoota
>115 battlewagon deffrolla, 1 bigshoota
>115 battlewagon deffrolla, 1 bigshoota
>375 6Nob Bikerz Painboy, Power Klaw 6x Cybork, 1 bosspole, waaagh banner
and for 2000 the extra 500 points are IG (grot) allies
>70 psyker
>125 vet squad, 3 plasma, autocannon
>130 vendetta
>185 russ demolisher w/3 flamers

Seems like a healthy amount of dakka and with the AV14 wall splitting the enemy's focus something should hit their main lines. Only problem is objective deployment but I think i'll make sure one is almost mid board to make it easy to fall back to near the end of the game.

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I would use the Snikrot boss as actual Snikrot, give those kommandos some burnas, drop the rokkits on the trukks, paint everything but the wagons red, get some fighta aces for the jets and run only one squad of stormboys, with Zaggy for some assault-on-deep-strike goodness

Jus' mah too teef

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Oi' beg ta differ.

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At least Oi don't summon punie gods dat da spikey gits worship.

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I saw this coming, you fools didn't listen!

We need orky pictures, orky pictures now!
Stop listening to the idiot! This is not a very orky thread at all!

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Oh look a bit of artwork

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Deleted an image just to say this: Its always the people who incessantly defend anything that are the worst shitposters. Nobody gives a shit if you like it. People that dislike it shouldn't give a fuck if other people like it either, but they should at least be free enough to say that they DON'T like it without being attacked by rabid fucktards.

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Fucking amazing
>Pic is sort of how I imagine the Scraplootas
The custom klan creation table we used gave us an avoidance of eldar, so we fluffed it as we've got a Farseer fangirl who helps point us towards good loot and has no mugs of her own, so she's a low priority target.

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