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>mfw DElves lost their flayers

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>cry more
I will.

Why do nids suck?

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Skellies are just jelly that they're already dead and have nothing to show for it.

> TFW no QT Death God to resurrect race with

Stay mad Necrons.

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>mfw necrons used to be a legitimate threat to the nids
>mfw now they're just silly infighters like everyone else

Oh well. Being used to fuel multigalactic hyperevolved spessdinobug dominance ain't so bad.

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I had a friend and we both got into the game about the same time in middle school (early 4th edition). He had gotten a pretty good Chaos army and a smaller 'cron army and we'd play all the time and shit.

He just gave up the game. And not because of a job, or school, or money, or being fed up with GW but because he wants more time to play League of Legends.

I don't even know what TG...

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>mfw no necrons

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But we personality now.

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I was once a Necrons guy. The bad nerf had just started after I had finally finished collecting/painting them as a kid. I stuck with them and kept fighting- the fluff that they always get back up and never give up the thing that kept all the defeats from crushing me.

Then the update came, and I couldn't have been happier- we finally got a fighting chance, and I enjoyed this time.

Now 6th edition has made them broken, and I couldn't keep playing them in good conscience knowing I might be putting that Ork player or that SoB player through the same thing I went through, so I sold them.

I miss them, /tg/. I've returned to my Tau, who I had actually started years ago after I got frustrated with constantly losing with my Crons- but I sometimes want to give the Necrons another chance.

How do I make a Necron army, or at least a Necron allies force for my Tau, that is fair? I don't want to be a powergamer.

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>everyone has psykers

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What happened to the Necron thread?

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>tfw no gf

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W-Was there supposed to be a picture to go with that post, Shwig?

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>Webway now


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Oh dear, that poor Eldar boy.

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>ctrl+f necron
>0 results

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Hello sentient beings.

Nah just kidding, but anyway, I was just reading some stuff off the new "supposed" codex fluff for necrons, and this is what I came across.

"And as for totally destroying the background of the C'Tan, the codex does allude to the fact that there are lots of unaccounted for C'Tan shards still allegedly cast around the galaxy. The Necron are always trying to hunt them down and imprison them (in pocket dimension prisons), but this does still leave the door totally wide open for a shard of 'The Dragon' to be on Mars and for shards of 'The Deceiver' to have done all the crazy things that's been written about him in novels."

am I to understand that another race could just come across a shard and just... USE it for themselves? I better see an Ork army using a looted Nightbringer, so help me...

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lol what a shit of necrons xDD

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The new Necrons are out, now speak of change in the background and other topics.

Let's go back to 2002. The first Necron codex as such had to go on sale after a minicodex in WD.

We talked in an ancient race, which began to awaken from their sleep, started billions of years ago, even before the first human ancestors came out crawling on the oceans. A race with a tragic fate brought to them by those who would be their masters, the star gods or CTAN, which imbued their essence in a material known as "organic metal" in the process destroying his mind and reducing them to mere automatons. Puppets in their hands. We have four still alive, and only two assets. The Bringer of Night, The Trickster, The Dragon and The Stranger, these two assets, the third sleeps on Mars and the latter is missing.

It seems that the new codex takes some time after that story and show us the real race Necrons. Who had awakened the Necrons so far were only small isolated errors perfectly synchronized process millions of worlds grave, many of whom were not even identified as such, and the C'tan known were mere fragments partially assets of its former glory. So they could be defeated on the battlefield, because after all it was only a fragment of his being, in reality controlled by the Necrons themselves.

In summary, the Necrons we knew until now were only small errors in the awakening Necrons. Browser, so to speak, and the fragments C'tan had taken control of the situation momentarily. Now, race has fully awakened Tomb Spyders have returned to a short strap to the scattered fragments of the C'tan and their forces have reached maximum capacity. Is your goal? Lost Empire that had in times of war against the Ancients.

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Hello there my fellow 40k'ers.

Let me start by saying I'm not here to cry about the new Necron Codex and their fluff like you all think I'm going to. All I want is to, (and yes your about to hear me correct), hear your opinion on what the past is to the present for the changes in fluff.

For example! : It turns out the Necrons were not about purging life, but instead about reestablishing their own place in the galaxy, and they have already taken out the C'tan and use the shards as they're own as "slaves" pretty much for battle.

Does this mean that when the Ultramarines went down into that dark ass cave and woke the Nightbringer's ass back up, that was only a shard, or was that the real thing, THEN the necrons whooped his ass? This is just an example of the question I'm asking. If theres any other type of fluff exchange you would like to point out and talk about, please do. I'm interested.

Another would be this massive Nightbringer vs Khaine vs Khorne fight that happened. So the nightbringer was only a shard? So only a small amount of the original power? And who originally thought they were out to just destroy all life and purge everything living in the first place? That guy fucked up. Necrons and SM's coulda been buddies from the beginning, (obvious joke). Either way, let me know what you think.

I love you all.

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