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>listen to audio drama
>the cogitator plays the modem dialing sound

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they district you from the reality of class and a dying country with outrage and falsehoods based in identity nothings and obsessions with color

it's all so tiresome >>77337903

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>Wasting CP on a sub optimized squad shooting at a less than ideal target because of a meme stratagem.

Holy trinity is a potential use for shit like Celestians or large bloody rose seraphims squads. Not for your fragile backfield anti-tank unit you pay a premium for that now need to be within charge range of the ennemy.

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>tell one cuck to fuck off
>only to swear allegiance to king manlet of the cucks
gross. Independent warbands are where it's at.

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>t. hasn't enjoyed hobbying a day in his life
removing blisters made sense, since it affected their production. It's only now in 9th as more and more wargear options are stripped and set to match box contents that it's become a steaming pile. Restricting things to what GW makes? Fine, I can get bits or extra kits. Restricting it to only what's in the box? Are you fucking kidding? Watch us get IG command squads only being able to take 1 of each weapon next.
2a vs +1a when charging or charged is almost no difference at all when most combats don't last more than a phase
post monopose
most of the FW index is a miserable pile, especially for guard.
It's best to let it go

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Cawl knows what's best for the Omnissiah and the Mechanicus.
Rules only hamper our progress to become perfectly one with the Machine God.

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Plastic fortunately.
I think, they aren't finecast, so plastic.
Well, I might paint them a little to see what they look like. They are suppose to be metalica for my kill team.

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did you pay attention? Have you been paying attention? "hurrrr popularity" wasn't the reason why they're S tier, it was /1/ of the reasons they feel like they're dominating.
The things they can pull off with a few combos of units/doctrines/strats is egregious
Or do you want to tell me how the master apoth, white scars/sallies, primaris shit that's been dominating is totally not on a tier all its own.

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yeah I know, someone needs to go lunatic on his ass and scare him off desu. Thankfully he hasn't gotten that much traction with that bullshit, though it needs to be slapped down and kicked to the curb anytime someone mentions it being positive just to be safe.

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>few dozen humans
more than that, at least inferred, but that's mostly okay. Should have taken minor damage though. Like losing that arm but keeping on fighting, which - again - would have done wonders to show them as not invincible but being tough as nails and capable of fighting through injuries that would disable a normal human
here is where one should have died. Practiced psykers in 40k are supposed to be incredible fucking dangerous. In fact, in general psykers are dangerous as hell.

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>necron tech

Gonna need the irad-cleanser fro this one.

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>Im hoping for some punch mechs.
get the fuck out and go back to your riptide cumjar you shitty little mechaboo
auxiliaries are where tau should be getting any CC ability.

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I don't really get why they have a problem with it if they aren't ever going to translate it themselves. What, is there entire Japanese audience going to go clamoring after the English version or something?

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>be 40k
>have a power level so completely, surprisingly, reasonably low that most pulp scifi settings can shit all over you
>both flavors of daleks fuck up the setting hard even if they're able to be stopped
I honestly like 40k being lower power level

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>glances at clock
Oh hey. It's way later than I thought.
I'm going to have to leave it off here for tonight. The heat index is slated to be over 105 tomorrow and I'm going to be spending all day in an unconditioned warehouse full of hot machinery, so I gotta hit the hay.

I promise that there is actually a second combat coming. This campaign was on a pretty slow burn for a while but some stuff is getting set up for what's to come, so I hope you'll bare with me. Just a few more talk-y bits to go.

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So, when the marine dex comes out are all marines for all factions getting an faq update to their new 2w profile and point values, or are chaos marines going to be inexplicably running around like terminally sad bastards for months while marinefags lord it up

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We'll need it to be a lot more front and center for a while before it takes effect, but yeah it's a start. Plus it has the great side effect of reducing marinewank
Oh shut the fuck up, you know damn well that most of the screeching is from idiots that only know surface 40k, and the surface of 40k is primarily posterboys. If they see as much or more SoB in 40k media they'll lose footing and fade

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right, but it doesn't last through constant battle either without maintenance and replacement parts.
Shouldn't matter but for some reason autists are mad when their best boy is ded in current setting instead of just treating it as a historical setting.
God I want characters from the age of apostasy already.
it /is/ cumulative but you can never suffer the effects greater than +/-1. In other words, two -1s to hit vs one +1 to hit still results in -1 to hit.
For aesthetic reason, sure. But you are by no means required to do so.

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i ain't taking advice from a piss tranny

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This website plays host to creatures less human than turks, it seems

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when you barged into our shrine-workshop

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TFW you thought being assigned to a monastery world would be a comfy job but you never get any peace because the sisters keep using your workshop as a hiding place

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>Malcadors still laughably overpriced

Honestly all these points leaks seem so scattered and unreasonable that it's hard to trust that this is legit.

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