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>same armor as Nagato

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>I am the sole arbiter of social convention
This is what you sound like.

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>Even using guns
>Not tearing your enemies limb from limb in the name of the Blood God
Fucking pleb.

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all those typographical errors

Screw literacy and presentation, children are dying under the effects of satanic witchcraft!

...actually, that's a decent motive for a hack-job production... I'm not going to stop laughing at them tho

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>half a space marine
Jesus christ, im dying

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paler tones will show up imperfections more, but it's a cool idea in theory.
Just remember that it will be a lot harder to make them look good.

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We are more than human, that means that our gossiping skills must be amplified tenfold.

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It totally makes sense, but fuck that I'm gonna be salty if i want.
The main reason being it stops "40 Banes" lists and i can't really do anything about that.

Yeah I got it, just being salty as fuck

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it's hard to tell (companies always be like "we're on the rise") but it seems to be growing at a pretty big rate, local metas all over getting bigger, more tourney players, etc

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he thinks painting is important to the game.

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literally was about to post this

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Go watch a movie called No One Lives.

Then get back to us.

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>Ever seen that comic from the elder scrolls where the peasant hands the Dragonborn his basket when the dragon comes by and says "I got this."? That's what you look like.

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>tl;dr Superpowered buddhist demigod who can punch mountains in half doesn't take kids seriously in a game of tag and gets schooled. With glue.
>Blue educates kids about the wonders of foul language.
You're a good man, Charlie Brown.

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Can you be any more of a obnoxious child?
Seriously, im amazed your parents let you even live.

This isnt your sekrit klub faggot and you dont own it. Contrary to your belief this thread doesent contain 80% shills.
I argue with all of the dev pricks constantly, and even im amazed at the level of your autism.

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Ask this guy: http://dndwithpornstars.blogspot.ca/

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>"They seemed to build rides, not knowing how they would work, and [then let] people on them."

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>players are in enemy mid-boss' castle, looking for a female rogue NPC who is there to steal a MacGuffin
>mid-boss knows she is targeting him, is expecting her
>so far, the PCs have remained undetected; no one knows the PCs are in the castle
>PCs end up in the master bedroom, start looking for clues
>one PC goes into bad guy's private bath
>steals some of his towels
>same PC uses Create Water and fills the bath tub
>party continues searching
>while searching, lookout PC hears people coming
>everybody hides
>bad guy and some guards storm in
>"The door's unlocked! She may be in here. Look around!"
>guards start searching, one goes into the bathroom
>"Hey boss! The bitch took a bath in your tub!"
>bad guy is pissed
>"...and she stole some of your towels, too!"
>bad guy goes thermonuclear
>"My favorite towels! That bitch is dead!"
>players lose their shit

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