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>Call them balanced
>The only viable unit
That's not how shit works

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>Not collecting older models out of the pleasure of collecting and the rad timeline it builds
Why are you doing on this hobby? I'm still trying to get non recast metal rogue trader models.

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Are storm bolters still going to be laughable in 8th? It upsets me how much ass they kick in literally every other form of 40k than the tabletop.

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I don't even have a driving license and I use my country's (rather good) mass transit system, and even I know cars and/or single-to-seven-seat-privately-owned-vehicles-whatever-they-are will never disappear.

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I'm not even any of these fags you're calling faggots and I agree with you that these threads shouldn't be on /tg/. Stop being such a moron.

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